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Knitting and confidence

March 5, 2012

After the introduction from yesterday, I decided to jump on here and right again. (Lucky you.) I recently finished my first lace shawl and I am completely in love with it. It took me a while to knit it, and there are tons of mistakes, but frankly I don’t care, I love it. I love the color scheme (I would hope so since I chose it,) the way the fabric drapes, it is just awesome, (brag much?) It also marked a tiny milestone for me. One year ago to the day I worked on my first double pointed needle project, (a pair of fingerless gloves,) and within that year I have been knitting up various things, expanding my knitting in ways that I can hardly imagine. It hasn’t been easy, that’s for sure, (my string of expletives and the number of times something has hit the frog pond can attest to that.) The thing is, I have this tangible example of how far I have come in just a year, (cue dramatic music as I apparently set up for a life lesson moment.)

I wish it were easier to see the distance traveled in a year, how much we change in even a few months, how much we grow. I have had an exciting journey this last year, I quit a full time job, moved to a different city and state, started a grad school program, and realized that it might not be the best fit for me, (that is another post for another time though.) In that time, I have worked on my knitting. I have improved, I have stuck with it and I have realized, that while the magic of waving sticks and string together and producing something won’t wear off, being able to grow as a knitter has made me more confident in other areas.

My first lace shawl!


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