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March 5, 2012

I have decided to start a blog. This is fairly evident from the writing taking place thus far. I hope to be able to utilize this space as a way of sharing my thoughts, my projects, and to hopefully a place to expand and improve my writing skills. The choice of the blog name was actually quite a bit more difficult than I anticipated. I went through countless ideas, hoping to find something that would capture who I am, while still allowing for flexibility. Now that the name has come to me and I have actually started it seemed so easy, so simple, so basic that I am a bit confused as to why it took so long. I am first and foremost an introvert. It has taken me a long time to realize this, (slightly depressing, right?) To be fair I have spent most of my life in academia and while this would seem like the ideal place for an introvert (it was for the most part,)there  is still enormous pressure to be social.

I grew up feeling that there was something wrong with me, (don’t most people?) I would be exhausted at the idea of going to a party, or hanging out in large groups. I preferred books and being on my own, which did lead to the inevitable comparison that I must be shy. Can I just climb on my soapbox for a brief moment, (of course I can, this is my space and I can do what I want) introverts are not necessarily shy. True there seem to be a high number of shy people who are also introverted, but to be classified as an introvert does not require the qualification that you are shy. I am sick and tired of hearing that I must be shy, and I just need to get over it and then I can become this outgoing person and people will like me, did it ever occur to them that maybe I just don’t enjoy being around tons of people? Okay stepping off my soap box now, (thanks.) Back to our regularly scheduled writing, it is only recently that I have been able to acknowledge that I am an introvert and proud of it. It hasn’t been easy, I have heard the comment that I must be shy or anti-social or stuck up, and frankly maybe those are all true (hopefully not) though I suspect it is more that I am just incredibly introverted. Next comes the inevitable question, “if you are an introvert why are you writing a blog?” In an effort to not climb back on the soap box I am going to try it this way, I am writing this blog in part because I am an introvert, this blog is a way in which I can limit and control the amount of interaction I have with people. (Granted as of now, no one is reading this so there is a default example right there.) To clarify it’s a place where I can interact with people, but still be hands off. I am not forced to be in a crowded area with 50 people talking mindlessly, instead I can write (still perhaps mindlessly,) as much or as little as I want (hopefully more not less) and the interactions I have to face are limited to the comments (if they actually ever happen.)

The second part of the name, knitter, well I hope that is a little self-explanatory, but just to make things seem balanced, I am a knitter. I say that because, well I knit (ding yay for obviousness) and I do hope to at least discuss some of it here, and maybe post some pictures of projects along the way (yes this may be a cheap ploy to fill blog space.) I have ventured into spinning (as in making yarn not on a bike or anything,) and hope to incorporate that some.

This brings me to the next part, I am using parentheses a lot, this is my way of interjecting my wit into the writing. I would like to say I have a decent sense of humor, and I tend to be a tad sarcastic (if by tad we assume that an elephant stomping on a soda can is a good way to crush a can for recycling.) My hope is that this allows you (that would be the reader) to “hear” the jokes. I have been accused of being a bit too deadpan in my delivery via sarcasm and I am hoping that this at least provides a way to share the “love.”

Final thoughts (cue the chorus of joy,) this is still a new thing for me and as such who knows what if anything may actually come of this. So if nothing else it should be an interesting trip.


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