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Short Story Part 1

March 6, 2012

I have posted on here that I am interested in becoming a published author, and as such I have taken to writing short stories, and musings along with a larger written piece. All of that being said the few people I have let read them seem to think they are okay, but then again these are close friends and family, obviously their opinions are slightly skewed (not complaining by any means.) Though it does bring up whether I should consider posting anything up here. While I don’t expect many people read this (which is okay.) It is still a scary thought at the idea of someone unknown reading it. (I understand this “fear” is something I will need to work through in order to become a published writer.) In an effort to grow a little I have decided to post a short story below. It is very rough, and probably not very good (but then again who is actually going to be reading it?) Knowing the length I think I will do it in pieces. So yeah, here goes part 1:

The static from the radio crackled softly through the car. The stations faded in and out depending on the density of the trees. There was a cool fog filling the air, dense enough to prevent a total view but not enough to deter his driving. Not that much could at this point. The car passed along the road, hugging the curves and commanding the straightaways. There was a silence in this drive, the hum of the engine lulling him. The world was peaceful at this point. In the passenger seat, the small box rested unassuming. A pain filled him, the box contained the joy of a life left behind. His mind wandered as he drove, to the moment when he opened the box, and her smiling face. He remembered her look of pure joy at his pleasure, and her excitement when handing him the box. He recalled the sound of her laughter as she pushed it into his hands. He felt himself smile, but he pushed his thoughts back to the present, and made the turn on to an old road. The car creaked as it crossed the gravel. Memories of summer days filled his mind. The shadow of the trees seemed sinister. The noiselessness of the place echoed the pain in his heart.The world seemed so gray. The car continued onward, groaning as it made it’s way up the short hill. The road curved, suddenly the faint sound of music filled the car. It was too quiet to understand, but the melody was familiar. His mind started to think of her again, and the dance they shared. His heart quickened just as it had when they first touched. Her head resting on his chest, and the scent of her hair, it was so real in this moment. He could feel his eyes begin to tear up. Refusing to let them fall, he took a deep breath and reached out to turn off the radio. The spot came into view. He pulled the car forward and shifted into park.


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