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March 13, 2012

I found this via tumblr, and decided it might be a fun way to help me blog a bit more.

I am still waiting on the wheel, though my fiber should be here soon (probably before the wheel gets here (I ordered the fiber later), I am hoping nothing major is going on. I was told it would be drop shipped, but as of now it is still in limbo. I would love to be surprised by it being here this week, but I don’t think I will hold my breath.

Okay on for the challenge.

Day 1: What was your first finished project?
My first finished project, if memory serves me correctly, (it’s been almost a decade now, wow that makes me sound kind of old,) was a hat. I learned to knit via a scarf (as it seems most people do,) but my first finished object was a hat. I don’t have it anymore, and I am pretty sure it didn’t fit (okay it may have fit someone with a very large head, hey maybe it would have been a good slouchy hat, here I was ahead of my time.)

The weather has continued to stay nice and so the windows are open once again. No rain today, but I think the cats are preferring the sun (it makes watching birds and snoozing in the sunlight so much easier.)


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