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Spinning Update

March 27, 2012

I decided it was time to include an update on my escapades into spinning. I am definitely still in the learning stages but I do feel some progress has been made.

Remember these?

Since there was such a little amount I decided to try a small neck-warmer it works well with a shawl pin.








Neck warmer hand spun

It became a nice little neck-warmer.


I had tried dyeing some fiber before, and once it was spun up I used it in a single ply with some left overs .










Self coloring, and blended bat

Dyed yarn blended with a batt.












This was part of a batt that I spun up, it’s still obviously from a beginner, but I love the way the color and sparkle play off each other.

Batt Yarn

Fiber from a batt, spun up into a single ply


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