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April 10, 2012

This blog is not the first one I have attempted. I have tried various forms of blogging, and usually after about two or three weeks I stop either because so few people read it (never mind the fact that I don’t necessarily advertise that I have a blog,) or as often the case I seem to “run out of things to say.” While it is only really half true, usually I feel like I need to post these grand ideas or insights. I feel like I need to write this epic posts, ones that explain the mysteries of life, the universe and everything. (did you catch that little reference?  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe in case you were wondering.) Inevitably I feel like not getting “hits” on my blog posts or comments means no one cares. (To be fair that is a reasonable argument, but for the purpose of this post let’s pretend it means very few people “know about the blog” instead.) I have thought about this a few different times, usually when I am deciding to leave blogging to the “professionals.” What do I mean by professional? I do read blogs, some are by friends I know, others are ones I stumble across, or have heard about. While I don’t read all of them every day there are some that I do find myself looking at habitually. These blogs usually have a large following (evident by their comment section, or by the fact that most people seem to know of the blog in one social setting or another,) These are the blogs that have amassed a following in the hundreds or even thousands. Part of the popularity is that they have been around for a while (a few years or more,) part of it is the layout, the content and the accessibility. These are who I consider the “professionals”, the people who seem to be so elegantly able to capture the attention of readers and fans.

I am also someone who loves to read blogs from the beginning (depending on the blog this can take a while) I like being able to (hopefully) catch up on inside jokes, or common phrases they use in later posting. I like being able to see their journey. As part of that I am able to see that more often than not these people face similar stumbling blocks that I do. There are times when life gets in the way of blogging and there is nothing for a week or two, there are times when the posts are short on content. Posts that are random musing and ones with specific messages. I get to see it all, by reading from the beginning, and in that way I feel connected. It grants me the liberty and the freedom to realize that is okay to stumble and have problems, forget, or to go light.

It reminds me of learning knitting. Starting out things are bumpy, stitches are dropped. You may take too long to finish one row, or breeze through it in no time. You may set it down for a week and then pick it back up and have another go. It is awkward and it is clumsy, at first but after a little while it starts to click, your hands start to go through the motions easier, you can suddenly glance up from your knitting, you may be able to carry on a conversation with others, and you feel more confident. It is still okay to set it down, it is still okay to go light, it is still okay to make mistakes, to fumble, to forget. It is okay to be yourself.

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