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Penultimate- creative writing post part 3

April 25, 2012

–Part 3 of the beginning. Again any feedback you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read it.–

Taking aim, the door started to open. The faint outline of a person came into view. She took a breath to steady herself. Cursing to herself about leaving the door open. A voice from down the hall caught the stranger’s attention. The bathroom door was closed softly, as heard the footsteps turn away. It took a few moments for her to realize that she had been holding her breath. Releasing a gasp, she tried to slow her heart rate. That had been too close she thought. Images of what might have happened raced through her mind. The pulse was pounding in her ears, through her temples. She feared that the sound was loud enough to be heard. She had to decide her next move. She knew they hadn’t seen her, the fact that she was still alive was a testament to that. There was no real hope in running, at least while she was still so weak, but staying here could be just as bad. No, she reasoned, they had been here once, and left. The likelihood was that they had figured she wasn’t here and moved on to the next area.

As her heart slowed, the stress of the event wore on her like a pile of bricks. Fatigue took over, making sleep seem inevitable. She struggled to stand up. Inching her way over to the tub. Every muscle screamed in protest, she felt the world spinning around her. Pushing aside the curtain she climbed into the tub. Leaning her head back she tried to take a deep breath, but the pain was too much.


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