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Ahead of the Curve: Christmas in Ju…ne

June 28, 2012

I have a confession to make. I have started on my 2012 Christmas knitting. (I will now step out-of-the-way and place a cardboard cut out of my likeness so you may fling rotten tomatoes at it.) I know, it’s a bit early you say. It isn’t even July you say. I get it I do, but it is what it is and  I bit the bullet and cast on for some projects already, (can I claim partial weakness from the onslaught of writing that has taken place this month? No, okay let’s move along.) I was working on composing my holiday gift list this year (we were trying to budget, woo hoo for planning ahead.) Which resulted in the (crazy) idea of a more handmade style Christmas with actual gifts. As I have gotten older (i.e. mid twenties) I have entered the state where gift giving between family members has shifted gears, (read:a gift card or cash, not that I am complaining or anything.) Now we still tend to get actual wrapped toys for the younger kiddos (which I love shopping for, ignoring my husband’s comments of my tendency to scoff at paying $20 for a doll, or the incident of claustrophobia that kicked in with a midnight black Friday shopping attempt.)  I do have my reasons for this insanity; this past holiday season my husband and I ended up being “stuck” at home (living at least 6 hours away from family with no real-time off tends to limit travel opportunities) and we decided to forgo the whole actually finding a gift for one another thing, and instead just picked out our gifts and skipped the wrapping (which was okay, but left me feeling like I missed out on something. )

In the end I have decided to try to spread some holiday cheer by smothering the people I care about in handmade woolly (or not for those who are allergic) goodness. Some of these people will get their first taste of hand knit items ( at least by my hand) which should prove to be an interesting experience. So I thought I would share a few of the projects I have been working on (who doesn’t like pictures?)

First up, a handy (ha ha so punny) and quick gift. (yay for left over sock yarn)

Tiny Mitten Ornament

These can be whipped up pretty quickly, and so I think they maybe become the staple of the 2012 holiday gift giving season.

They might be more than a little addicting

I ended up using left over sock yarn (as noted above) and this pattern. I hope to get a little tag to attach to them at some point and write the year (something small, but fun and easy to knit up)

Next up is a gift for one of my sister in-laws (I don’t think she reads the blog so I don’t feel as bad showing it off.)

For those unsure yes it is meant to look like Yoda

The hat itself is a basic design of my own creation, and the ears were a modified version of the ones listed here. I still have to weave in the ends and attach the ears, but otherwise that was one knocked out of the park.

I am also working on a cardigan for a nephew, but the photos are MIA. I am using the Scrap Cardigan pattern as a template for a green and taupe (brown) stripped cardigan. I found some adorable buttons the other day that will help complete the project.

It’s a slow start, but I am still excited to be this far along. If nothing else it helps beat the summer heat as I knit away and dream of the colder temperatures and snowy winter ahead.

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  1. Those wee mittens are so cute!

  2. Your mini mittens are adorable! They look so, so sweet. Did you make up the pattern or have your used someone else’s?

  3. google carl dagostino macaroni tree decorations
    Mittens seem like delightful tree decs

  4. Craftie Allie permalink

    I’ve somewhat started my Christmas gifts. I’ve planned everything — using as much yarn in my stash as possible. I’m buying some yarn this weekend and getting started! 🙂

    • Glad to know I am not alone! I am hoping to utilize my stash as much as possible, two birds one stone kind of thing. Congrats on getting it planned already, I am still trying to figure out gifts for handful of people on my list.

      • Craftie Allie permalink

        I’m kinda cheating — hats for most people, soap and washcloths for almost everyone else, socks for special people. Keeping it simple so I can actually get things done.

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