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Blurbs, and Yarn Sales

July 3, 2012

As I posted this past weekend, I have succeeded in making the Camp Nanowrimo goal. I am taking a week or two off of writing on that particular story before I dive back in and work on edits. I can safely say I had a good time with the contest, and it definitely helped me in terms of actually writing. On the other hand I am glad it’s done. I am not sure how many of you read the comments listed, but I was asked by a fellow blogger, about my story. I shared with him the brief synopsis that I wrote for the contest, but I wanted to share it (again) on the actual blog with all of you. Feel free to share thoughts or opinions on the blurb or in regards to the idea.

Daniel Cransky,The PR rep to a media mogul with a bad temper, has been shot but manages to survive. Two detectives are on the case trying to figure out who would shoot the rep, and why? Daniel remembers only pieces of the attack, but one detail is for certain the gunman was wearing the expensive one of a kind watch belonging to his employer. As the detectives begin to unravel the pieces of the murder attempt, they are thrust deeper into a world of high-class, fast cash, and secrets to take to the grave.

I was asked how I came up with this blurb and in all honesty it was just something I worked up before the contest got to far along.

In other news I lucked out and was able to catch a great sale on yarn. This means I now get to work on planning a few more gifts for family members. I hope to have pictures of FO’s to post soon.


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  1. You should reward yourself with LOTS of great yarn.

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