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The Red Pen of Doom

August 20, 2012

Revisions have started here at the IntrovertedKnitter. I have been struggling the past few weeks in terms of dividing my time between writing a new story and revising the Camp one. This has inevitably led me to doing both rather half-arsed. I would settle into writing on the new story and BOOM! Something would pop into my head about the Camp story. Or I would start revising and realize how much work it is going to be, and how much will have to be cut (sigh) which led me back to writing on the new story, simply because I could avoid the hack job that needs to be done. I tried working on one story one week and then switching to revisions the next (didn’t work.) I tried writing in the morning and revising in the evening (didn’t work.) All I end up doing is causing myself to have mini attacks of doubt and feeling like everything I write is a horrible waste of time (oh hello inner critic, would you like to come in? Oh what? You are going to stomp all over me and make me feel an inch tall, and there is nothing I can do about it you say? Well then..) 

Today I am putting my foot down, today I will work like I did during the contest, I will revise without worrying about it (too much) because this whole not doing anything has got to end. I said to myself, “Self today is for revisions, no matter how much we may want to work on the other story, no can do.” I am taking a hard stance on this and I will get some revising done this week. I am all set.

See all those books? Those pens and highlighters? This is serious.

That is the first two chapters of the Camp story, there are some markings already but they aren’t nearly finished. I am armed with a gnome for moral support my pencil, highlighter and the red pen of doom. I have to tackle this, I must, I will.

Oh the knitting? That’s just a sock, I am not that big of a masochist.

P.S. Happy (belated) Birthday to The Indoor Cat! Feel free to pop over and wish her an awesome belated birthday

  1. I did the same thing! Sometimes I can’t even commit to writing one story. I end up starting a second (or a third, lol) and jumping between them. But now I have to get serious too. Have to be grown up and edit one story because I have a deadline. But the other way is so much more fun and that’s the point, right? There’s something to be said for following your interests for any given moment.

    • I gotta agree, but the deadline does give a certain motivation to following through on at least one project, even through the icky stuff.

  2. Good luck!!!!

  3. Amanda Gerodias permalink

    Good luck!! It can be so hard sometimes to get done what needs to get done, but I have always found that if I can make it past the not-so-fun part, I will feel so accomplished and good afterward. Stick with it, you can do it!!!!

  4. You go girl! I hate editing too, but sadly it’s a necessary evil. You can do it!

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