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Socktober Fest 2012

October 1, 2012

Happy October Everyone! We have officially entered the first full month of Fall, and one of my personal favorites. This year my October is starting on a very knitterly note. I have decided to participate in Socktober Fest (the month-long sock knitting extravaganza*) I have decided to use the month to (hopefully) make a dent on my Christmas list and whack out a pair or two (hope springs eternal this early in the game) for my husband. I also have a few socks languishing on the needles which are intended to cover my own (small) feet, and I hope to finish those up within the month as well, which is easier said than done. This past weekend I visited my inlaws and instead of taking the time to work on any of the socks that are currently WIPS I cast on for a brand new pair (what can I say I am a bit weak in this department.)

I knit on the way there. After having cast on three times (because I apparently can’t count.)

I knit while chatting with the in-laws, and walking to the park with nieces and nephews,  and hit the heel flap that evening while waiting for dinner.

I ended up putting it away at the hotel in the evening in favor of another holiday project (which required concentration, not an easy task in a home full of people,) but picked it back up and knit the heel turn and started the gussets the next morning.

I knit on the way home, until I took over the driving for a while.

I think it was pretty good progress for such a short trip.

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici Fingering Weight-Color:Minty-Pattern:My own vanilla sock recipe.

I am counting these for Socktober Fest, because 1 1/2 of the pair will be completed in the month (hopefully) which means my October is off to a pretty good start.

*This is a semi-self imposed month-long event in which you knit socks. According to the Ravelry group page it is meant to be a celebration to socks and sock making. The rules are fairly simple and straightforward: knit (crochet) socks during the month of October, there are no requirements for the sock to be started or finished within the month, only that it is knitted (or crocheted) on during the month.

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