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Socktober and Baby Camels

October 3, 2012

The minty socks are zooming right along (which always seems to happen with a self striping yarn.) I hit the toe decreases last night while watching the season premier of Raising Hope, and bound off while watching GO ON (shameless plug because I love both those shows.) I cast on for the second sock right away (a tip I read somewhere, as a way to help avoid the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome.) I opted (once again) for a fraternal rather than identical pair, I know a lot of people who spend the extra time to have them match up perfectly, and if I were to be giving them away I may actually take the time (depends on the recipient) to have them match. Since they are destined for my own sock drawer, I am not going to worry about it.

In other sock news (I can’t be the only one who chuckled at the idea of sock news. Can you imagine an entire news cast devoted to socks? “Well Jim it looks like we have some heel turns coming up today, and a warning for possible gusset decreases.”  No? It’s just me, well…ahem moving on.) I have a pair of sock started restarted for my husband (after frogging the basket weave pattern from the green socks from way back when) I am now sitting with the ribbing for a giant-sized pair. I haven’t decided if I want to try the mind numbing-ness of a vanilla pair (for the giant that means a lot of straight knitting) or branch out and try some variety in the stitch pattern. Since I have already started the sock, I know I will be limited in whatever I decide to do (of course I could continue to frog and start from scratch, but it would be really nice if I didn’t have to.) Thoughts?

Now for something completely different. My spinning wheel is seeing more use as Autumn sets in around us. I finished spinning and plying the last of my oatmeal BFL fiber and am just letting it rest before skeining it up and giving it a little bath. I scored an awesome deal on some BFL fiber, while visiting the in-laws this weekend.

8 oz BFL Fiber

There is an awesome LYS in their area, that I love going to (even after being burned by a few other places) and this was the first time I had visited since starting to spin. The colorway is Tallulah, and is from Frabjous Fibers out in VT. I have absolutely no idea what I am going to do with it, but since I have such an addiction affection for BFL fibers I couldn’t pass it up.

In terms of actually new spinning done this week, last night I took on a new fiber challenge. Baby camel. Yes you read that right, baby camel. I actually snagged about 4 oz. of this fiber earlier this year, but haven’t had a chance to take it on until last night. It’s a wonderfully soft fiber, with a lot of air and even has a little sheen on it.

apologize for the craptastic photo, it’s actually a buttery soft brown

I took a little under an ounce out to start with, and noticed right away it has a very short staple length. I decided to solider through, and set to it. Fifteen minutes later found me using language, usually reserved for stupid drivers. Dudes, that stuff is slippery. Any and all confidence I had went out the window in that short time frame. I had one heck of a time trying to keep a hold of the fiber. The short staple length got me, most often, but I haven’t handled something as slippery as that. After another fifteen minutes, I started to get a little better at controlling the fiber, but honestly this stuff is throwing me through the ringer. At the 45 minute mark I had this to show for it.

Horribly uneven bobbin I know, color is a little more accurate

After getting my butt kicked by the fiber I went back to knitting (hence the completion of the first Minty sock) just remind myself that I can in fact do something fiber related with relative skill. I was hoping to spin enough to get a hat out of the baby camel, but at this rate winter will be gone and past before I get through this.

Excuse me while I go knit on my sock

One Comment
  1. Amanda Gerodias permalink

    I love the fiber in the first picture! Gorgeous colors!

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