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Random Wednesday

October 24, 2012

Holiday knitting is continuing along at a steady clip. I am making healthy progress, but there is still a lot left to go. Because of the holiday knitting and prepping for NaNoWriMo (beginning in just 8 days!) I have decided to post  a little about the past, a little about the present, and a little bit about the future.

The Past:

About a week ago I ended up making it out to a local pumpkin patch with my husband and bestie, we decided to go on a weekday (evening) because it is supposed to be less busy (while it was in comparison to the weekends, it was still crazy busy.) One of my favorite things about this place are the live animals.

This is George

There was the llama, George, he is one of my absolute favorite parts about this place.

They also have an enclosure area filled with a variety of buns (rabbits)

Just a few of the buns.

You don’t get direct contact with these little guys instead you can buy some pellets that you can send through the PVC pipe into a little dish where they crowd around and gobble it up. We ended up walking around the enclosure near dusk and so we saw a few rather adorable bunny yawns (one of the cutest things on the planet in my opinion.)

Through out the animal exhibit part there are these massive wooden bridges and stairs where the goats can roam around. A few places you get to walk underneath and for those who are able (not me) you can actually feed them some of the tasty pellets. For the kiddos (and those who, like me, tend to lack the necessary length) they have small framed sections where the goats can come up and stick their heads through for nibbles.

“please sir can I have some more?”

The evening quickly took over as the sun set and my little camera phone wasn’t really able to get a whole lot more in terms of photos. All in all it was a really fun and relaxing way to celebrate the season. After the animals we wandered around the park going to a few more places (and shops) before calling it an evening, but not before we got my husband a giant fried turkey leg (he looks forward to it all year) and I was able to score a nice sized bag of kettle corn (I definitely look forward to it all year) which should last me through the rest of Fall nicely, ( I may or may not be addicted to the stuff, but I try to ration it out, seriously that stuff is delicious.)

The Present:

As promised I have some holiday crafting I can actually show you. This isn’t all that I have gotten done, and there aren’t any photos of my current WIPs because I know for sure one person is going to be cruising by to check in (Hi IndoorCat!)

First up is a gift for my brother’s in law.

Beard and “Battle Helmet”

(I actually have both hats and beards done now, but only took a photo of one of the sets) The hat was a very basic design using a my standard hat pattern and adding four sections of contrasting stitches to make the forged look.

I also was able to finish my first set of wash cloths for my step family ( I have opted for these instead of the market bags)


The Future:

As I noted earlier in this post NaNoWriMo starts soon and so I have been focusing on my plot for the contest quite a bit. I am going to be doing another mystery, but I definitely feel more confident this time around. I still have a few kinks to work out but I am eager to get started on the writing.

I am also planning on continuing to work on my holiday knitting and hope to have a few more things to show you soon.

How’s your holiday knitting going?

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  1. Well, I didn’t want to do too much … but since there are two birthday’s shortly before Christmas as well, I finally ended up with about 6-9 items (depends). Two of them are done! A couple more of them shouldn’t take too long I hope … we’ll see. 😉

  2. My holiday knitting is done!! Of course, I had one scarf. With no design to speak of. Because it was my first real knit project ever. 🙂

    My cross-stitching, on the other hand, is coming along quite well. I’m actually working on part 2 of your gift, and I remedied a concern I had with part 1. Yay Christmas!

  3. Wow, great to see all that you’ve got going on! My life has been crazy the past couple of weeks and I’ve been totally neglecting the blog. Thanks for the animal photos – love the animals myself and I’m just like a little kid. I always wanted a little farm so I could have animals of my own but my husband and HOA nixed that. Thanks again for sharing – keep knitting!

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