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Twenty-Four Hours To Go

October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Readers!

Today’s post will be rather light, but I wanted to touch base.

NaNoWriMo begins tomorrow (yikes) and I am enjoying my last little bit of “freedom.” I have had two plots bouncing around in my head for the past few days and as the clock ticks closer to Nov. 1 I find myself struggling with which one to choose. I thought I was already to go last week, until I came up with a new plot. Both have been outlined in the most basic sense and I think both stand a chance of being good the differences being: humor and mystery centered around mid-20’s wannabe detective or a darker story about a former cop looking to regain his former life. Any thoughts, preferences. At this point I am thinking I may just have to flip a coin.

In other news I am still working on Holiday gifts, albeit a bit slower than the past few weeks. I seem to have lost some of my mojo in terms of knitting which is never a good sign this close to the holidays. I am still slogging through the projects, they just aren’t progressing nearly as fast as I was hoping they would. Unfortunately that means I have nothing to show you.

A side note: I did finally chose a pattern for my husband’s socks Simple Skyp Socks, although my progress is rather abysmal.

Lastly, tomorrow marks one of my two favorite times of year, day after major holidays with a focus on candy (Easter being the other big one), because it means there will be lots of discounted candy. Perfect for stocking up!

If you need me I will be knitting and trying to figure out which plot to chose. Until next time.



  1. Amanda Gerodias permalink

    Hmmm, both plots sound interesting to me and like something I would potentially pick up to read. Right now I would lean toward the more humorous story….but that is probably just my current reading mood. There are plenty of times I am into the darker stuff too. Maybe the first one would appeal to me more too just because I could get into the head of the main character better since we are in the same age range (regardless of if I have actually experienced many of the things the character would go through), where as I may not be able to put myself in the shoes of an older character as easily. I don’t know, just trying to help here but I feel like I am babbling.

    • Thanks Amanda, that actually is really helpful and what I was looking for in terms of a reply, don’t worry you aren’t babbling.

  2. So, theoretically, today is one of my favorite times of the year- I’m usually a big Halloween person. I usually like all the costumes and scary movies and candy. This year, I couldn’t care less that it’s Halloween. I’m broken. 😦 Let’s hope I’m less broken by Christmas.

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