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Out of the Gate

November 1, 2012

NaNoWriMo kicked off this morning at 12:00 am. I was actually awake for an unrelated reason, but decided to start anyway. I spent most of the evening battling a tooth ache/jaw pain (going to the dentist tomorrow) so I accomplished very little. Near the end of the evening I finally felt well enough to work on the first sections outline. As the clock changed to Nov. 1 I opened up my blank page and began writing. There were a few times when I started to second guess myself (a no no in Nano land) and had to remind myself that my internal editor needed to be shut off. I ended up with a little over the daily go before I called it a night (it wasn’t that late!) I am hoping to get some more writing in today but we will see how it goes. I haven’t knit much the last two days (yesterday and today) because of the pain, so again there is little to show you. Hopefully tomorrow brings some answers/ relief from the dentist and I can get back to being productive.

Are you participating in NaNoWriMo, or a variation on it (NaKniSweMo, NaBloPoMo)? What was your motivation behind it?


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  1. Amanda Gerodias permalink

    Hope your tooth feels better soon so you can be more productive on both your endeavors: writing and knitting!

  2. I’m NaNo’ing this year- and since I want to blog every day, then NaBloPoMo too. Happy writing!

  3. I’m planning to participate in the NaSleWaTVSleMoMo (aka National Sleep Watch TV Sleep More Month). 😀

  4. Hang in there! Tooth pain is the worst. Glad to hear you got off to a good start though!

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