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Random Monday

November 5, 2012

I managed to make it to the dentist on Friday (thankfully) and finally got some relief for my jaw pain (it looks like it is/was a muscle spasm) so I am on the mend,  thanks to some muscle relaxers and rest. This has meant most of my weekend was  spent sleeping, relaxing and wishing for the ability to eat solid/chewy foods again. Which means that I am not nearly as far along in my writing as I was hoping to be. I am on track, but I was hoping to gain some more traction (the big turkey based holiday at the end of the month is looming over me a bit.)

Knitting wise it has been limited to a few rounds on a pair of mittens and (while waiting for my husband to be done at the dentist), some socks for him for Christmas. They are the ones I spoke of the week before (SKYP) and they are coasting along well. I ended up losing count of the repeats for the leg, and so I am just going to go until they seem long enough and measure for its mate. The pattern is an easy 2  row repeat and in no time I was able to work sans pattern, which is nice. They aren’t so involved that I have to watch them every second, but they also challenging enough that I don’t fall asleep.


How’s your Nano-ing coming along?



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