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Knitting (and Spinning) Progress

November 12, 2012

Hello Dear Reader,

The weather is finally feeling like November. The chilly temps have helped me feel a bit more inspired in terms of knitting projects and thus this weekend I was able to knock out at least one full project with work on a few others.  My FO is actually one I can share (exciting right?) I cast this on Friday evening as a friend and I watched a movie.  Saturday was met with a rather feeble attempt at staying indoors (we ended up heading to quite a bit) but as the evening wore down I was finally able to finish the hat up.

It’s a simple hat, the stripes are only two rows of the contrast color, spaced in a way that I liked. While it is only part of the person’s holiday gift from us, it still marks the upswing back into gift knitting.

In other news I was able to make it back to the wheel on both Saturday and Sunday. I had already spun a bobbin of the always awesome BFL fiber in bare, it languished there for a good week or two before I finally was able to sit down and spin again. Saturday I spun another bobbin full, wondering why I had dared to walk away before. Sunday dawned bright and chilly and I set to work plying the two.

BFL Bare, 2 ply about 70 yds

The end result was a cushy lovely little skein. As I ventured out on Sunday for a brief shopping trip, I came to the interesting conclusion that I (a knitter) have no hat of my own. (This is actually an increasing problem when it comes to hand knits in general, I am for the most part without a decent pair of hand knit mittens, nor a comfy scarf. Luckily when it comes to socks I am set, the only other person who gets them (as of now) are my husband and he only has two pairs to my nine.) In the frenzy that is holiday knitting I find myself staring at the pile of hats and mittens slowly accumulating around me and I realize it might be time for this knitter to be a tad selfish. So I am thinking this BFL and the beautiful oatmeal/gray that I spun up a while ago might need to meet some evening and help this knitter out. The question of course is pattern or no?

With that I must leave you, back to the grind of NaNo, it’s going swimmingly thanks for asking. Until next time.




  1. I have 2 hats, a pair of simple gloves that I intended to gift but decided to keep because they wouldn’t fit the receiver, 1 pair of socks and a scarf that someone else made for me. I’m definitely in the need for more selfish knitting. Currently working on some mittens for me and possibly starting another hat this week before jumping back on the To Knit list….

  2. You spin yarn, too? You’re amazing!

  3. Great post. Funny how so many of us knitters don’t have basic knit garments. I do have a set of hand-knit mitts and a lovely matching cowl – but only because they were a gift from a very generous knitter friend. I love them, partly because they’re beautiful but also because I know how much work they were!

  4. Amanda Gerodias permalink

    Glad to see some progress on the Christmas list knitting. I also made progress on my list for Christmas. And yes, you totally need to have a hat/scarf/mittens of your own!! Also very glad to hear NaNo is going well. You are about half way through the month (take a deep breath, I don’t say that to make you nervous 🙂 You still have three days until we are actually at the half way point!) Anyway, just thought I would ask what your word count is looking like at this point in the month?

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