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Gifts for a First Time Grandmother

November 28, 2012

I have a former adviser and long time friend who is going to be a Grandma for the first time this coming May. She is an amazing woman and incredibly proud and excited about the newest arrival. I had  brought the panda hat I had completed back in the spring of this year (finally remembered it) and through the course of our conversation she mentioned how much fun it would be to have a hat like that for the new baby. I said I would set to work on it and after a few days of plotting I cast on last night. Knitting for a baby/newborn is awesome, you can do so many cute items and they practically fall off the needles. I put the ears on this morning and boom done with the hat.

I am not sure how I feel about the placement of the ears though…they almost seem to high on the head. Thoughts?

I have also whipped up a pair of booties using this pattern.


She said they do not know the gender of the child and so I opted for more of a neutral shade. The pattern is easy to follow and once again I had barely cast on and I was binding off. I can definitely see these being a go to baby shower gift in the future. Since I am more than few years away from knitting for my own wee ones, I am more than happy to be knitting the items up for family and friends. In fact…


the whole process might be a little addicting.

Pattern: Little Coffee Bean Cardigan




One Comment
  1. Amanda Gerodias permalink

    Oh my goodness those booties are adorable!!! Keep in mind that Andy and I are trying to have our first, wink wink 😉 LOL

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