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December 11, 2012

Things are still coasting along here at the introverted knitter. I am busy working my way through the remainder of my list, in an effort to keep you from getting completely bored, I wanted to share two finished items from last week. First up my second woven scarf.

I used the YH plaid scarf pattern and messed with the colors some. I ended up with this little number

20121206_163309Okay I realize I have no finished photo to share at the moment, but let’s pretend. I used two variations of blue and black for this bright little number. This scarf was turning out so well that I got a little cocky in terms of weaving. As I finished up I realized I had made a rather grave error. I only have two shuttle sticks at the moment and I had three colors. This meant that I had to be creative. Well not thinking far enough into I ended up wrapping the two blues on one. This worked out fine, except when I tried to use the alternate color. In the end (genius that I am) I decided to cut each of the blue sections off. This would have been fine had I woven in those ends along with the next set of colors. (You can see where this is going) I did not and so I end up with a fringy sort of mess when I removed it from the loom. I ended up trying to weave those ends in (to no avail) and after cursing a bit (read: a lot) I finally decided to do a stitch of black along the edge (wrapping it around the blue pieces as I worked.) It does have a very handmade feel to it, but I think it looks more deliberate now. Best news of all I finally have a scarf for myself! Just in time too, because the weather finally decided to remember it is December here in the midwest and brr is it cold. (Next on the list of items for me will be a hat and mittens…eventually)

After that fiasco I decided to reaffirm my hope in my skills and tackled a quick knit for the soon to be grandmother in my life. After browsing ravelry for a bit I came across this adorable little number. This hat is perfect, because it made me think of a flower (instead of a berry) and the baby is due around May. Casting on mid day Friday afternoon, I quickly went to work on this hat and was able to wrap it up a bit later. I love this pattern as well as the resulting design and can definitely see this as a go to for any new parent’s to be in my life.

20121207_185041And now back to our regularly scheduled knitting.



One Comment
  1. Amanda Gerodias permalink

    The hat is cute, and I love the colors of the scarf….those are the colors we used for our wedding after all, so of course I don’t hate them 🙂 Keep up the good work and you will make it to Christmas!

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