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December 17, 2012

I had a wonderful weekend with my best friend and my husband. We had what I like to affectionately call Friendmas. This is the time we usually exchange presents and watch movies and relax. After a rather craptastic month it was nice to settle in and just enjoy some downtime. I have been bursting at the seams to share the project(s) I have made for my best friend. These projects have been finished since October, and I can now finally share them!

My best friend is one of those ultimate knitworthy people. She appreciates everything I make her, and when she does put in a request it is never demanding. She is super patient (evidence lies with the blanket I started for her so many moons ago) and the only person that seems to be able to rival her is my husband, not surprisingly. (To be fair we all like to joke that they are pretty much twins. Personality and interests coincide 95% of the time, the other 5% one of them is usually in agreement with me. The whole thing started while at the movies. I would sit between them, and would often hear the same comment from each of them within in a short time span.) Okay back from that random tangent suffice it to say she is one of those people that makes knitting for someone else super fun.  The one thing that makes knitting for her a bit of a challenge has been the fact that she is allergic (like actually allergic) to wool.  Most of my stash is comprised of animal fibers, and so I was desperate to figure out what I could do. In the end after browsing my books, magazines and ravelry I came up with an awesome solution.

First up was a delightful pair of adorable mittens. I used the Give a Hoot pattern available for free on Ravelry. She is a big owl fan so when I saw these a few months ago I just knew I had to make them for her. I added eyes at a later date, and since she is one of the biggest technophiles I know I even added some conductive thread to the right hand. (Small aside: this stuff is awesome. It makes it possible to use your touch screen devices without taking off your mittens.)

Button eyes were added later...proving once again how much I suck at sewing

Button eyes were added later…proving once again how much I suck at sewing

The second part of the gift was created after milling around my patterns for something else to make her. I had decided that the best thing to make for her was a hat. (I had made her a ridiculously long scarf the year before) Unfortunately, my friend is one of those people who look good in hats, particularly fedora’s but she is also one of those people who doesn’t like to wear hats (minus fedora’s) so at my wit’s end I tried to be semi sneaky. During one of our conversations about the gifts I was making for her family I brought up the trouble I was having in deciding patterns. After talking about the differences of taste and style and how hats can sometimes be very personal things, I was able to get out of her that she is willing to wear a winter hat as long as it’s fun. Pressing a little further I realized fun meant the following: earflap, fun colors, and a pom on top. (Simple right?) Except by this point I was realizing all the patterns I had designated for her were not ear flaps, nor did they have a pom (though that is an easy fix.) I hashed the plan for the “perfect” hat for her over and over and eventually realized the best thing would be something to match the adorable mittens. The problem with this was there were no ear flap hats that used the same style of the owl. So being the creative and semi-desperate person that I am, I sat down one evening and fiddle with my pointy sticks until I came up with a pattern that would use the owls from her mittens but also fulfill the other requirements. When I finished I realized I had modified the pattern to suit my needs, but I had also created a hat that makes me so proud that I have had a little trouble parting with it. (I did joke with her, that should she not like the handmade gifts, I will gladly take them back.)

Instead of placing the owls around the hat, I decided it would be more fun to have them on the ear flaps. After a few unsuccessful attempts, a few curses and some serious thoughts of whether or not I should scrap the entire idea and go out and get a gift card I came out victorious.

20121025_233711_medium2It is more than safe to say that this was definitely a win in the awesome gift pile.

20121025_233651_medium2Friendmas continued with gifts for me. My best friend is an awesome cross stitcher and designed two sets of gifts for us.

537495_576509350122_1619891912_nThe top row is zombie versions of my husband, myself and our two cats. (epic right?) The bottom row is from my all time favorite musical (?) Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. (From Left to Right, Dr. Horrible, Penny, Captain Hammer) She designed these herself and even made them into crazy awesome magnets.




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  1. This is beautiful work!

  2. That owl flap hat is awesome!!

  3. And the hat and mittens are AMAZING. I love them. And I think it snowed just so that I’d get to use them immediately!

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