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The night

December 26, 2012

I love the night. The last remnants of the old day falling away to be replaced by the wee hours of the early morning. I relish this time, growing up with a large household I found that it was in the night that I could relax, recharge and dream of a life beyond my small room. In the summer it wasn’t unusual for me to stay up until the sun rose finally falling asleep sometime after the day began. In the quiet of the night I felt more free and more alive than I ever felt during the daylight hours. In the night the world seems limitless, the possibilities are endless.

As an introvert I need time to recharge my batteries (so to speak) for me being able to have a moment or twelve to myself can make the difference between a pleasant visit and a truly hellish experience. I know that my irritability goes up the more time I spend around people in an effort to curb this I will often seek solitude. In a large family, in a dorm the ability to be alone is often hard to come by, which is why I am drawn to the night. This is the time when almost everyone is asleep, allowing me to have the solitude I crave while still allowing me to spend time with others.

On a normal day/evening my household consists of my husband, our two cats and myself. This means the desire to be alone can be achieved pretty easily and I find myself being able to fall asleep quicker and easier through the week, in other words this desire towards the night can be curb.

This past weekend I spent the holidays with my in-laws and it consisted of six other adults (five of which are extroverts) and two small children. We were all crammed together in a small(ish) apartment for almost five days, (with a few small trips out and about) and this past weekend I found myself staying up later and later each night. As we made the drive home yesterday, feeling rather sleep deprived I couldn’t help but consider why I stayed up so late. In the night the world grows quiet and I can reflect. In the night the desire for solitude can be achieved, in the night my imagination can soar. In the night I can embrace my introversion and get lost down the rabbit hole. For me the night is like magic.


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  1. I feel the same way. I need to squeeze in the me-time no matter how late it gets. And I think living in the country has me a little spoiled in the peace-and-quiet department 😉

  2. Are you sure you’re not me? Because I swear you could be me.

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