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January 3, 2013

I am starting off my new year with some progress. Aside from the cold/flu/hot mess that I am currently dealing with, things are moving along quite well. Before New Years I had planned out my sock of the month patterns, combined them with the yarn I wanted to use and stuffed them all into individual bags (which were then stuffed into a bin, because my cats have a fondness for chewing tiny holes through plastic.) January first dawned bright and clear and it was time to pick my first pair. Thanks to my tech savvy husband (who wrote a small script to help identify a pattern) I had in my tired little hands, the first pair of socks to be cast on for 2013.

May I present to you: Riff Socks (link is to the knitty site, so those of you without a ravelry page can view them)

20130103_120341These are my very first toe up socks (ever) and I have to say I am not exactly sure what I was nervous about. I used the figure 8 cast on, because it seemed like the best beginner option. I worked the first toe on New Years Day and realized I had forgotten to print out the charts (oops) to do the foot and leg. Since most of yesterday was fighting the urge to fall asleep while standing up I managed to print out the necessary pages, but never got around to working on them. Here’s hoping that I can get to work on them today.

Another area of progress from my wish list. I managed to get a pair of mittens done that I will not be giving away anytime soon.

20121230_005622I used a skein of DK Swish that I had gotten as a mistake with a recent knit picks order. This was my first time using this line and I can safely say I am a big fan. The mittens were my own design, or rather my own fears of not having enough yarn. The stripes are actually a dark blue worsted weight I had lounging around. The two blend pretty well and I can tell you they are toasty warm.


Yarn- Knit Picks DK Swish: Dove Heather, Some random Navy Blue worsted weight

Pattern: My own design, using a thumb gusset increase and basic shaping for the tops




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