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A Hat

January 4, 2013

I have finished a delightful specimen of softness and warmth. In other words I finished my hat. Which means I can officially cross that off my list. Hooray progress! During the Knit Picks cyber Monday I bought, on a whim a ball of their sugar bunny line (the discount helped too) just to try it out. My one complaint is that I didn’t buy more (and the fact that they discontinued the line :sob:). The line is an 80/20 Merino/Angora blend that manifests itself in a halo of awesome. The yarn itself is a bit slippery to work with and there are definitely some consistency issues but beyond that it is still one of my favorite yarns to work with.

When I bought the ball I had no real plans for it, other than to try out a little bit of a luxury yarn and once I got it I suddenly had visions of a hat for myself. Now I have one of those heads that has a tendency to look pretty goofy in hats (that is unless I wear them in a way that makes me feel like a jackass (fedora’s for example only look good on me when they are tilted to the side which just feels silly to me.)) Despite my misgivings (and the lack of yardage)I resolved myself to a hat knit out of the fiber.  As I agonized over what to do I came to realize the hat I wanted was basic, with just a little flair. A nice cable or perhaps a unique stitch pattern. I browsed Ravelry in search of my prize with little result. Sure there are some patterns that seemed to fit, but they required far more yardage than I had ( I don’t think I could have handled have to rip this stuff back (the bunny hair makes it a little fragile) After fiddling with stitch counts, going back and forth on more than one option I eventually decided to bite the bullet and try to hash it out myself.

I cast on for 90 stitches knitting 7 rows of a basic ribbed k2p2

I then knit one row increasing one on every 15th stitch

This was followed by two rows of basic knitting with a small section of purls and knits to form the base of a very basic cable.

I knew I wanted the cable to run the length of the hat so when it came to decreases I fudged the numbers a bit to keep it in tact for as long as I could. The result?



Pure bliss. A hat just for me, despite my husbands attempts at absconding with it, it’s mine all mine….

  1. Beautiful hat! It looks so soft. Mmm…Now I want one too.

  2. This is really, really beautiful! Congratulations! 😀
    I still don’t consider myself good enough to design my own patterns … This hat is both simple and elegant. Great job! 😀

  3. Q – Very nice! Awesome job on the pattern. 😎

  4. Super cute!

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