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Thoughts of little green sprouts

January 8, 2013

I know we are only in the beginnings of January and the snow is still covering the ground, but I can’t help but think of spring. After the winter holidays it always seemed like a mad rush through the beginning of the semester, holding out hope for the warmer days when you didn’t need to dress in four layers to make it to dinner intact. Even though I am able to be toasty warm in my current residence, and food is only a few paces away (no more cafeteria for me) I still find myself dreaming of the spring.

This has manifested itself in my spinning choices. I am currently working with some Knit picks Full Circle roving ( I realize I probably seem like a walking billboard for them 96% of the time…chalk it up to moving so much + a terrible experience in a LYS when I first moved to Chicago)  in the espresso colorway. The roving is recycled from the mills and contains a variety of merino, highland and fine highland…”extras” or rather the parts that would have been discarded.


I love this idea because while it not only helps to reduce the waste and cut costs it also allows for a bit of variety in terms of spinning. (As someone who still doesn’t have many accessories (read any) in terms of spinning not being able to hand card or blend fibers I often have to take them as is) The down side of this yarn (of course there is a downside)  is that for the most part it has pretty short staple lengths which makes sense considering. The other “issue” I keep running into are little  felted fiber nubs (I am nothing if not descriptive)  there haven’t been too many but enough to notice. Other than that I have really enjoyed this fiber.


Despite being ill with the nightmarish crud  flu I was able to get a little spinning in last week.  There is only a bit more on the bobbin after this point. 20130104_143602

In my sickness induced haze dreams I want to pair this with a lovely green fiber I have for a kind of earthy spring, dirt and plant mixture. (Does that sound half as crazy as it does right now?) This little beauty to be exact.



I can’t decide if they would look good plied together in a barber pole type thing, should I try to make it varigated (with crazy long color repeats and chain plying?). Or if they might just need to be buddy buddy on some project in the future? Thoughts?

20130104_141047I just keep thinking of little green plants and freshly turned dirt. Maybe I have been cooped up to long?


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  1. I love your last bit of commentary on the green plants and dirt. I vote for choosing the colors based on desired technique you wish to practice!

  2. danadoodle permalink

    Which ever way you pair them those colors will look gorgeous together. Although I would vote for keeping them as separate yarns.

  3. I’m the same as you, this time of year. I’m just tired of cold and grey. Luckily I usually start my seedlings indoors next month, so I won’t have to endure the lack of growing things too much longer!

  4. shellssells permalink

    I vote for Buddy Buddy, unless you are absolutely in love with the tweedy look. The colors go very well together, which is why I’d highlight them together rather than muddy them up. I’ve never used their full circle spinning wool, but I’ve used the yarn and rather liked it. It is lightly spun, so a bit on the splitty side, but the resulting item is fluffy and wonderful. I, too, order a ton of knitpicks in part because it is a wonderfully inexpensive option, leaving me extra cash for those more luxury wools I drool over and then want to keep to myself.

    (We just went through the worst demon flu, bet it is similar to what you had. Bug had an entire 7 days of high fever. Really truly miserable, worst vacation ever. Hope you are feeling a ton better now!)

  5. I say if nature puts the colors together it can’t possibly look bad, And the “barber pole” yarn in a skein will not knit up looking like a barber pole in the end so I think you’ll be fine. It’ll be a nice tweedy look you’ll LOVE! Go for it!

  6. If you’re in the Chicago area, once the weather is good enough for a drive to the country, take a trip out to Marengo to visit Toni at The Fold. It’s a lovely place – chock full of spinning wheels, fibers, yarn, needles, all kinds of good fiber-y stuff. And the staff is lovely.

    I definitely know what you mean about the LYS in Chicago. Some are pretty nice (Idea Studio in LaGrange was one of my favorites) but I definitely found better, more friendly LYS in Denver when we moved here a year ago.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better.

    • We actually moved away from Chicago awhile ago, but I am glad to hear that my experience wasn’t the only one. I still need to check out the LYS in my current location.

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