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Socks, Socks, Wrap

January 10, 2013

The January sock of the month is progressing rather dismally. This is not the patterns fault, in fact that there is progress at all can be attributed to the pattern and its clever design. I am currently engaged in a battle of simple knitting and these poor little darlings are languishing as a result.

20130107_190657I did make some progress on another sock set, one from way back in the day (i.e. almost 4 months ago…to be fair Christmas knitting did get in the way big time)

20130108_131327This is actually the second sock, and I am actually past the gusset now, hooray for progress.


Because I am a glutton for punishment in terms of garter and stockinette stitches, I have cast on Anna’s Shoulder Wrap to be fair this has been on my radar for a while now and wanting to maintain that green theme I cast this on late last night/this morning as I dream of spring still.20130110_104851

For now back to the salt mines.



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  1. I very much like the colours of the second sock! And I know how you’re feeling about the first one … my SiL picked a pattern for Christmas (actually, two, which is great for me now) and it kind of …. DOESN’T work out. Grrr. Now I’m going to try the THIRD sock pattern for her! Maybe I’M just too stupid. :/

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