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Whirlwind of a Weekend

January 14, 2013

Life seems to be moving incredibly fast lately, I am finding it hard to believe that January is already almost half way over. Along the way I have made some progress in terms of knitting, thankfully. I know the content here has been a little lacking, like I said it’s already how far into the new year?

Anyway I finished, what I affectionately like to call the Mardi Gras socks.

20130113_203836These little bad boys are about as close to being identical as one can get, while still falling short. I actually was able to find the same starting point for the cuffs, but thanks to some wonky dye lot issues I found a few areas where the stripes were different thicknesses. Despite it all I am in love with them. They are so bright and fun and oddly enough match my pajamas sort of (not that I plan for that kind of thing :shifty eyes: ) The yarn was the same kind I used for my husband’s giant green socks way back when.  Although this was obviously a different colorway.

Premier Yarns: Serenity Sock Yarn: colorway-harlequin (though it reminds me more of Mardi Gras)

I used my ever faithful bamboo needles (I only have one set) size 1 or 2.25 (although sadly they are looking a little worse for wear, a few have a slight bowing action to them

These were knit using my basic vanilla sock pattern (cuff down with a slip stitch heel flap and short row heel.)  I stand by my previous thoughts on the yarn (from knitting the giant’s socks) that it is a decent inexpensive sock yarn, although I did have to deal with the yarn splitting from time to time.

All in all another successful sock pair off the needles. This means I am in need of at least another vanilla pair on the go, the question is what yarn to use?


  1. Love the colors. How fun!

  2. Emily permalink

    Cute socks! I love bamboo needles for socks. But alas…they don’t stay straight very long under my knitting-death-grip.

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