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Signs of Love

January 16, 2013

I have one sibling, and while we are almost six years apart in age, he has been one of the most important people in my life. Growing up I would often tag along with him and his friends (much to their annoyance I am sure) but my brother never said a word against my darn near constant presence. Even though we have both grown up and have our own lives there is little I wouldn’t do for him, and I can safely say the same for him. He is getting married this summer to a wonderful woman who makes him deliriously happy.  He has a house already, and with that all the usual newly wed gifts are out. I knew as soon as I heard the news that I wanted to do something extra special for him and his bride to be. I got it in my head that I would knit them something. As a knitter the desire to embrace the ones we love in woolly (or non woolly  goodness can be a hard habit to break. After a long debate of what to make, I settled on a blanket. While it would be a large undertaking, I knew that if there was ever a person worthy of such an endeavor it would be my big brother. Thanks to the wonderful help of my husband I narrowed down my choices, bit the bullet and purchased the yarn during an awesome Cyber Monday sale. I ended up choosing their wedding colors, black and varying shades of purple (funny story, they hadn’t decided on the purple yet and so I went through and chose a pretty healthy range of hues) The yarn arrived just as the final bouts of Holiday knitting picked up, and languished in the waiting bin for a few weeks. After the thrill of the holidays subsided I cast on the project and began in earnest.

Now when deciding on a pattern I knew I wanted something that was pretty, but not too frilly. I wanted something that would be useful, but could also be decorative. In the end I chose the modern log cabin blanket. Now to be fair my husband actually helped in the final selection and after countless hours trying to find the perfect one, he may or may not have chosen this just to be done with it. When I mentioned a few weeks ago about the massive amounts of straight knitting I have been doing, I was talking about this project in particular. Dudes, this blanket is one serious test of will. Garter stitch, garter stitch and more garter stitch. I feel as though I am knitting miles of the stuff (in actuality I am only just now on the second color, eep) I am knitting this on fingering weight yarn (because apparently I didn’t feel crazy enough yet.) The project, for those unfamiliar with it, is one in which you knit one square of a predetermined size, bind off and pick up stitches along one side, the next section uses both of the previously knit ones (picking up along the edge of course. You continue on in this way until the blanket is a prescribed size (or you get to the point where you contemplate taking a pair of dpns and stabbing your own eyes out, ya know whichever.) Then you get to pickup the stitches all the way around this  behemoth   pretty little thing and you knit the border (I have decided to do the blocks in the purple hues and the border in black) and that’s it. (Ha, I say that so casual I can almost convince myself that I won’t be a pitiful mess by the end of it) Right now the project is my evening knitting, my husband and I have taken to watching an episode or two of a show we both like before bed and so I am able to work on the mindless, soul sucking, boring, blanket that way. As the months count down I have a feeling this plan will not work and am currently mentally preparing myself to have to work on it more (movie or t.v. show marathon anyone?)


The begin of my descent into madness.

The way I see it, after darn near a mile’s worth of garter stitch (maybe more, but let’s pretend for my fragile ego) this project should stand as a sign of love, for my brother and his bride to be. Now if you will excuse me I need to go stare at some lace, just to take the edge off.


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  1. Q – Gorgeous pattern! But poke-in-the-eye boring to knit! I feel your pain.

  2. Amanda Gerodias permalink

    A handmade blanket is a great wedding gift! There are more women in my family into sewing/quilting than knitting, so for our wedding we got a quilt in which my aunt, grandma, grandma’s sister, grandma’s sister-in-law, and great-grandma all worked on parts of it. It is on our bed and we use it every night.

    On the knitting side, I got a blanket from my confirmation sponsor for my confirmation in which she did each square of the blanket in a different pattern, so there are a total of something like 50 different patterns and not one is ever duplicated…..I can just imagine the time she put into that!!!

    • Both of those sound like awesome gifts. I am so happy to hear that you guys use the quilt.

      • Amanda Gerodias permalink

        I often use the blanket from my aunt as well….it just does not fit on our bed 🙂

  3. That is quite an admirable undertaking. I bet your brother and his wife will cherish that for years and years though. Can’t wait to see more of it!

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