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Dabbling with Dapple

January 21, 2013

I had decided to do the sock of the month club in 2013 because I wanted to learn new techniques, try new patterns and use up some of my sock yarn. We all know what happened with the January attempt, despite the set back I still didn’t want this month to be a total bust, since there are only 12 chances, I figured completely forgoing the first month might be in my best interest. So, I decided that I would still attempt to learn something new this month with a pair of socks and in the end I cast on these darlings.

Sorry for the washed out color, this was taken kind of late in the evening.

Sorry for the washed out color, this was taken kind of late in the evening.

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici Sport
Colorway: Dapple
Needle size: 2.75mm (US 2)

What I am learning from this pair: Toe-up (figure 8 cast on), working with a sport yarn (more of a heavy fingering weight) because of these two things I am also learning to branch out from my traditional vanilla sock recipe.

I cast these on Thursday evening, after more than a few attempts of fiddling with needle size. They are cooking along quiet nicely (the self striping doesn’t hurt) if I do say so myself. Between these and the soul-sucking, behemoth, lovely blanket for my brother’s wedding it has been pretty simple knitting. I am definitely contemplating some lace, just to take the edge off. Until then, anyone know of a good heel pattern for toe ups?

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  1. I usually go with heel flaps for short rows. If you’re interested you can see how I describe it in one of my sock patterns. This one is free: The pattern is written for two-at-a-time, but you can easily do it on one sock. If you happen to have the same stitch count as one of the sizes in my Earlybird socks on Knitty, you can use the row by row instructions.

    This comment seems like shameless self-promotion…but I really prefer heel flaps for the strength. The only short row heels I have ever done wore out, but all my socks with heel flaps remain strong. Wendy D Johnson also writes most sock patterns toe-up and she has several different techniques.

  2. Amanda Gerodias permalink

    I like the coloring of the new sock project, very pretty. And I am guessing you got some good work done on your ride up to Sioux City and back home this weekend. It was good to talk to you last night….apparently the news ended up in the meeting minutes, so I am getting many other alumni sending me messages on Facebook today. LOL

  3. Emily permalink

    Love the stripes! I’ve only done a couple of toe-up sock patterns, and I think both had short row heels, which worked nicely. I remember really liking the construction of the Darjeeling socks (from Knitters Book of Socks) because the way the decreases worked made it fit snug on my high-arched foot, which is often a problem for me…

  4. I like short row heels, but you can do most any heel in toe up as you can with cuff down- heel flap & gusset, afterthought heel, etc.

  5. danadoodle permalink

    I tend to do short row heels for toe-up, partly because I can never figure out where to start the increases for a gusset. But because you’re doing stripes, I would strongly recommend the afterthought heel, it doesn’t mess up the stripes like a short row or flap and gusset would.

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