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Wheel Wednesdays:Green with Envy

January 23, 2013

I have finally spun and plied both the brown and the green fibers. I ended up doing a chain ply on both, in part because I want to get better at it and mainly because I hate having that little bit of extra singles that inevitably ends up on one of the bobbins. They haven’t had their baths yet but I am hoping to get them done soon, I have some socks that need to go through wash as well. I tend to hold off on hand washing handknit socks until I have some fiber that all needs to go in. This is because I have yet to find a way to effectively dry socks. Currently I lay them out flat with towel or two underneath, which also means I have to contend with the cats wanting to jump on top of them  and roll around. Anyone else have this issue? The lack of drying effective drying space, not necessarily the cat issue.

Some pre-bath shots:






And together

Knit Picks-Full Circle Roving
Colorway: Espresso (this also happens to be a darn near dead ringer for my couch)
Chain-Ply for 104 yards from 100 g

Knit Picks-Wool of the Andes
Colorway: Dill Heather
Chain-Ply for 116 yards from a little less than 100 grams

Now of course the question is, what should I make?

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  1. I let my yarn drip over the shower after setting the twist, but with hand wash socks and such, I place the rinsed items in an empty washing machine and set it to the spin cycle! No agitation=no felting, and they can be hung almost anywhere for quicker drying 🙂

  2. Ah, cats and laundry. Or yarn. Or fabric. Or about anything you might not want them on.
    (You may be able to tell, I’ve got the same issues.) For handwash items I use a little drying rack that hangs from the radiator (like that one: ). No temptation for the cats and the stuff dries fairly quick.

  3. I usually just hand my handknit socks on a drying rack. I don’t have indoor cats to contend with though… Maybe you could hang a tiny clothesline across a doorway and clothespin them to avoid the kitties.

  4. shellssells permalink

    I really like the colors of these, and I really like them sitting beside each other like that.

    For my handwash socks, I just squeeze them out really well and hang them over the shower curtain rod at night. They are fairly dry by morning and then can be moved.

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