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Spinning Improvements

April 17, 2013

The weather today is my favorite kind, a dreary sort of day with low hanging clouds, and moments of rain. It’s chilly, but not too cold perfect sweater weather. I have been told by my best friend that this kind of weather is similar to Northern Ireland and all I can say is…where do I sign up? I think I have this image in my mind of rolling green hills, cloudy, chilly days and sheep as far as the eye can see. I realize that it is more than likely not like that, but in my own private thoughts I like to pretend.


In the very not-Northern Ireland corner of the Midwest that I occupy the main focus for me has been spinning. I think it has to do with the fact that it is one of the few areas where I can see significant progress  lately, and that makes me happy. Case in point. I had lamented to everyone of hitting low yardage on my spinning and my lovely readers pointed out some tips. Now I knew my biggest issue in getting yardage was my tendency to chain ply (which is effectively taking one bobbin full of yarn and reducing it to 1/3) I did successfully gain some yardage using this technique on my previously posted spin, but normally it leaves me wanting. So I decided to go back to a simple two ply and try it out.

It was a wonderful success. The fiber was from a purchase I made on Etsy a few months back. This was my first time buying form seller, Edgewood Garden Studio, and my first time buying from Etsy. I can say wholeheartedly that this was a very  pleasant experience. The shop owner was super easy to work with, and shipped stuff quickly. The fiber, oh the fiber was a dream. I ended up ordering two braids from her and I finally caved and spun up one this past weekend.




Now if you have been reading this blog much, then you know of my obsession, interest in BFL, however I actually opted for different fibers this time. The braid shown above is 4 oz. of English Shetland Wool. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed spinning this up. When I finally decided to spin this up I divided the braid in half and spun the first 2 oz in one sitting. Despite the small blister that followed the second 2 oz was spun up over the next few days.

20130402_133548After the resting period I set to work with the plying. I ended up having a little bit left on one of the bobbins and so I quickly did a chain ply just to see the color repeats maintained. While I love that one (no photo sadly) I am over the moon with how the two ply turned out.

Gorgeous 2 ply

Gorgeous 2 ply



So soft and squishy

So soft and squishy

It’s 271 yds of bouncy, smooshy yarn that I absolutely adore. The colorway is called Autumn Memories, and it does remind me of all Fall and makes my heart ache for the crisp cool mornings and the smell of pumpkin pie.



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  1. Q – Beautiful yarn. Brilliant job. And… maybe it’s an introvert thing? My hubs and I are both introverts and LOVE the type of weather you described. LOL!

  2. This is some beautiful yarn! I haven’t spun BFL yet (only Merino), but recently, I’ve bought myself two German brands of wool as well as a bit of Norwegian – and I also have a bit of Irish fibre. These are so amazing …

    • Thank you, BFL is by far my favorite to spin, but it might be owed to the fact that it was the first yarn I was able to spin that looked like what I wanted.

      • That’s a very good point! My first try was on Merino wool and I learned only later by a shop-owner, that merino can be a bit of a drag to spin, especially if you’re new to it – because the staples are so long.

        Do you already have a plan in mind for this beautiful yarn? 😀

        • I don’t, as usual I seem to spin and spin (and spin) but then when it comes to the yarn I never know what to make with it. I heard that about Merino, interestingly only after attempting it as well.

  3. Your image of Northern Ireland could be right for the country, not right for the town that I lived in. There were sheep in nearby villages, though, including on my host family’s farm.

  4. That turned out very lovely. I need to try some Shetland at some point.

    • Thank you, I was a little nervous to use it, but the color was so beautiful I couldn’t help myself. I would definitely recommend trying it out at least once.

  5. Love this! I’ve been doing a lot of chain ply lately because I like that it only uses 1 bobbin, but after reading your post, I want to do some 2 ply now!

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