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Coming Clean

April 22, 2013

I have been inspired by a few blogs I follow and have decided to come clean on the numerous WIP’s that are hanging around my home. I decided to take stock of my ever-growing list and decide on whether it needed to be kept (as a Work In Progress) or Frogged. Most of the items on here have graced the blog at least once, although there may be some that slipped through the radar. Yesterday’s goal was more about taking stock and culling the herd so to speak and I figured I could update you all the results.

The List

1. Wedding Blanket- Status: WIP (there is no way this thing will be frogged)

2. SKYP Socks- Status: WIP ( I finished the first sock around Christmas time, and I have actually cast on for the mate, but progress has stalled quite a bit)

3.Eye of the Tiger Socks-Status: WIP (I am about an inch before the toe decreases on the first one still)

4. Anna Shoulder Wrap- Status: Frogged (this actually hit the pond a bit ago, but I neglected to mention it)

5. Vernal Equinox Shawl- Status: WIP (This is still progressing, I am at clue 4 at this point, but as with almost all lace projects I knew from the beginning it would be a longer term project)

6. Dapple Socks- Status: Frogged (this was a few days ago, but I reclaimed the yarn after letting them languish for so long)

7. Ivy Socks- Status: WIP (these haven’t made their blog debut, yet, but they have become the travel sock of choice as of now)

8. Blanket for Bestie- Status: Hibernating (this is still in time out while I consider the decreases)

9. Purple Baby Hat-Status: WIP (I am not sure how much I like how this is turning out)

10. Baby booties-Status: WIP (I have cast on a few times for these, but due to sizing issues I keep having to restart)

11.Bias Scarf- Status: Frogged ( I cast this on a few months ago, and ended up not liking how it turned out)


WIP- 7

Frogged- 3

hibernating 1

Okay so the list isn’t as terrible as I thought, and it really is a lot less than I expected. I think part of it has to do with the whole impending deadline of the blanket. It was interesting taking stock of the projects and really deciding where they stood in terms of progress. I think for now I will have to attempt to restrain myself from casting on more projects while I attempt to knock the big one off the list. How many WIP’s do you have on the list? Does it ever bother you to have multiple projects on the go? When a big project takes over your life, are you someone who likes to focus on it completely, or do you keep some projects on the side?



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  1. Just finished one of these! I didn’t get as much “done” as I had hoped, but so much progress was made and discipline developed. Good luck!

  2. Ooooh I think I need to do this.

  3. Surprising I don’t have a lot of wips but that’s because of my most recent spinning addiction. I think i have 3. One i will be frogging is probably a crocheted wedding blanket dor my friend as i totally misjudged it – its coming out more square like a baby blanket instead of the rectangular -square shape I intended. She doesnt know yet and i have invested quite some time but it’s just dreadful to crochet these days. I actually like having multiple projects cast on to break up the monotony. Lastly, I mainly like to keep other projects going with the big project for the same prior reason.

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