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That feeling…

April 25, 2013

I love reading blogs, almost as much as I enjoy reading posts in various Ravelry groups. I for some reason, consider them two be two different aspects, almost two different sections in my life. I have the blogs I read and I have Ravelry. Now I know most every blog I follow that is involved with knitting, spinning or crochet is also on Ravelry, I suppose I just don’t think of it. In the last few weeks, these two sections have started to bleed into one another. (In a good way!) Take for instance the fact that lately I have been following a thread in the group Spinning Knitters. The thread is the Spun to Finish 2013, which is where people show off their completed projects icing their own hand spun(ridiculously inspiring btw.) Today I was glancing through the thread (after reading through some logs mind you) and I spotted a project, that was beautiful and yet somehow familiar. Clicking the username I was transported to the info page and behold, the reason it looked familiar was because I just read a post on it by the same knitter.

I always find it fun to ”meet” other bloggers in the wild on Ravelry, there is just something about that feeling of familiarity with a project and finding out its someone you ”know” via blogging. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me?

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  1. Yes, I sometimes have those revelations on Ravelry as well, it’s almost like unexpectedly running into an old friend on the street.

  2. The Spinning Knitters group is very inspiring and I love to seeing all the handspun projects. Thanks for friending me too 🙂

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