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You Might Be a Knitter…

May 23, 2013

You might be a Knitter if:

1. You have at least one project stashed in your bag/purse

2. You have multiple projects on the go

3. And they are based on how you might be feeling, one that requires concentration, something mindless, a long-term project, near instant gratification

4. You have been given yarn or knitting accessories as a gift

5. You pause the movie or television to study a character’s knitwear

6. You comment on character’s knitting techniques and become dismayed when they aren’t doing it right

7. You may or may not have been caught staring at someone’s hat, scarf, sweater, or mittens trying to figure out the stitch pattern

8. You laugh at knitting jokes

9. You make knitting jokes

10. Your family and friends know not to mess with you, because you are always armed with pointy sticks

11. You have more yarn stashed than you really want to admit to anyone

12. When walking through a department store and you spy a sweater you like, instead of buying it you say you know you could make something just like it

13. You try to teach all your friends and family to knit

14. But then think better of it when you realize they might use some of your stash

15. You plan trips around proximity to yarn stores

16. When someone asks what kind of souvenir you want/got your reply is yarn

17. You may opt for a comedy instead of a drama if you have a tricky project with a deadline on the needles

18. You have an unexplained desire to wrap all those you love in fibery goodness

19. When someone is expecting a child, they kind of assume you will be making something for the wee one

20. You make your significant other sit in the car while you “just finish this row”

21.You check Ravelry more often than you do Facebook

22. You fantasize about winning the lottery and think of all the stash enhancement possibilities

23. There is a slight twitch over one eye and your pulse quickens when someone mentions the holidays

24. You have stayed up late working on a project, because you refuse to let yourself be beaten by some sticks and string

25. You’ve been asked if you were pregnant while knitting in public

26. You’ve been told knitting is just for little old grandmother’s (and you looked the person in the eye and said, “of course they do it, who do you think taught me?”

27. They joy you get out of finding another knitter, is equal to the joy your family and friends get out of you finding another knitter

28.  You sometimes participate in movie or t.v. show marathons when a project deadline is looming

29. You have more knitting magazines on your coffee table than any other kind

30. You nodded along to at least a few things on this list and smiled.




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  1. Yes to almost every single one. I’ve never been asked if I was pregnant while KIP except while I was pregnant.

  2. yes that’s me definatelyxx

  3. I love the entire list. So true. 😀

  4. doctordana permalink

    #27 made me laugh and laugh! 🙂 There was apparently never any question whether I was a knitter.

  5. Me too. I was nodding and nodding 🙂 Great post. I reblogged on

  6. Reblogged this on Stitch by Stitch It's a Cinch and commented:
    Fun list! I nodded and smiled to ….. well quite a few 🙂

  7. Reblogged this on Confessions of a Left-Hand Knitter and commented:
    Hum… 🙂

  8. candleowlknits permalink

    Indeed, I have received yarn for multiple birthdays and Christmases. My friends brought me yarn back from Venice. Movie marathons, yes. My average time for knitting a hat is two movies. I once taught my brother to knit. He completed one stitch and got bored.

  9. Reblogged this on Strikzilla and commented:
    Meget sjovt og en lille smule skræmmende…

  10. Reblogged this on handmadehomemadeknitstitchdesign and commented:
    I loved this blog!

  11. Definitely a knitter! So many of these apply to me. As I started reading the list I said ‘definitely’ to the first three so I read on ….number 5 done that (!), number 6 – I recently commented on just that thing on a tv programme ‘Ask The Midwife’, they were all supposed to be knitting squares for a communal blanket but when it was finished it was crochet, and so on to many on your list (esp like 27, my family grimace knowingly when I find another fellow knitter, expecting me to chat on and on about who they were, what they were knitting, blah blah). What a great, humorous, truesome list. Thank you for sharing it. Ha ha, lovely to find more fellow knitters, if only I could type on the laptop and have a spare set of hands knitting at exactly the same time!

  12. kfklever permalink

    Omg I loved this! I just convinced my bf to drive instead of fly from LA to San Francisco (more uninterrupted hours if knitting time!)

  13. Um, a few? There are only 2 or 3 that DON’T apply…

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