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Adventures with Horace: Making a friend

June 5, 2013

Horace is off on an adventure. He traveled with my husband and I as we made our way to visit a local museum.

20130525_124134We found out he fit pretty well into one of the cup holders, allowing him to have a few of the road. He seemed to enjoy our time in the car, despite our troubles in getting to our destination, thanks to road closures. Arriving finally the three of us set out to explore the museum. There is a special exhibit currently going on which was initially what attracted us. Luckily the crowd was small, being a bit earlier in the day and so our first stop was the main attraction.

20130525_133210This is a replica of Sue the T-Rex, and even though it wasn’t the real bones the thing is still an impressive sight.

20130525_133642Horace wasn’t too afraid of the giant, and I dare say he may have been a little smitten with the big gal. We took in the sights of Sue a bit more before moving on. Horace made sure to wave goodbye to his new friend.

Exploring the rest of the museum, we walked through the different exhibits. The main ones are detailing life in the region, through different eras. Along the way Horace spotted a familiar item.

20130525_135728It might be a little difficult to see, but up on top of the shelf/ceiling of one of the exhibits was a spinning wheel. Unfortunately I was too short to be able to get a decent look at it. As the three of us walked on, we ended up finding two more spinning wheels, but despite my best efforts there were no knitting needles to be found. I did find it a little interesting that through the entire span of “history” in this museum we saw three spinning wheels (and a photograph that was supposed to be “old timey”) but no evidence of knitting, nothing. Now as a knitter I am sure that I have a bit of a bias when it comes to wanting to see the “goods” but at the same time I do find it a bit silly. No knitting, well minus the stuff in my bag of course!

Oh well. We journeyed on to discover a safe that was used on a steam ship. It was pretty cool to think about all that had been stowed away in it.


We found a stagecoach, which was quite plush inside, but knowing how annoying it is to ride down a country road in a modern car I can imagine it was still a bumpy ride.


We managed to find some bolts of fabric, which was fun. Horace seemed to enjoy pointing out the various things.

20130525_141858He says his favorite was the tan fabric with little flowers on it, I think he was just getting hungry at that point.

Horace even managed to find a bar!


This was a display discussing the old gunslinger days of my town. Apparently it was the destination to beat if you were looking for lawless men and loose women. You learn something new every day! This photo was a little difficult as just above it there is a large painting of a very naked lady, she apparently rested above the main saloon for quite a while, I guess there is some truth in advertising even back then.

The day was a success, we were able to explore the entire museum and even had a chance to stop back off at the Sue replica, but the place was getting crowded, so we weren’t able to get close again. Horace managed to maintain his composure.

Despite not having to actually interact with the crowds all that much, I ended up feeling exhausted and weary, the life of an introvert.

  1. lol I laughed when I saw this post – years ago, we gave my sister in law a stuffed giraffe. His name is Amos, and he goes everywhere. He has several little outfits, and a backpack that holds miniature candy bars and pocket change. He’s a handy guy to have around!

  2. shellssells permalink

    I’ve always felt, as an introvert, that it takes a ridiculous amount of energy to get me out of the house. Then once I am out, I actually do enjoy myself. But then I get overstimulated and just want to be back in the house again, to rest and recuperate. I actually think it has gotten a bit easier the older I get, but maybe this is because I allow myself the in between rest, rather than fighting it and wondering what is wrong with me.

    I’ve yet to explore the museum, but it looks like a trip may be in order at some point. Glad you (and Horace) had fun!

    • I agree sometimes I think I psych myself out in terms of going out, because I think of how tired I usually am after and my motivation goes out the window. I think that being able to get a rest in between probably helps a quite a bit, of course I usually end up with it seemingly all happening at once.

      I would definitely recommend checking out the museum, It would be a good rainy day/ crazy hot summer day kind of thing.

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