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FFTN: Merino Socks

June 19, 2013

Life is still a bit crazy here at the home of the Introverted Knitter. I did manage to finish the malabrigo socks. These were by far some of the quickest in terms of giant sized foot wear. I think it had to do with the yarn. It is so much softer than pretty much anything I have worked with, which definitely lent itself to get worked on more. Even now, as I attempt to get back to one of the other pairs of socks, the wool feels scratchy and out of place. I ended up with about 123 yards left of the stuff, which is actually pretty exciting considering the socks are for a giant, and I have another hank for my own feet (hooray for left overs.)



The bottom photo is a little closer to the actual color. I really enjoyed knitting them (which I doubt is said often for a pair of size 14-15 feet.) I ended up just doing a simple vanilla sock, but tweaked the toes from my usual M.O., instead of decreasing on the 2nd round until I hit 10 stitches on each needle and then decreasing every row, I opted to keep the 2nd row decrease until I was ready to kitchner stitch the toes. I have been told they are better this way and so I suppose it will become my new method for sock toes. See that learning something new everyday. 20130618_212243

Considering I finished with the socks last on Monday night and they were worn on Tuesday, I can safely assume they are a success.  Now I just have to figure out what to cast on next…



  1. I love malabrigo sock yarn.. Such pretty colors, and so soft!

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