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July 24, 2013

After I managed to retrieve the MM socks from underneath the kitty-butt of doom, I jumped right back in. Okay, technically I de-furred them a bit first, and then it was back to the knitting. As shown yesterday I managed to get past the heel and was nearing completion on the gusset. This didn’t take long, thanks in part to the fact that my gussets for my own socks never need to be decreased more than maybe 6 times. Is this normal for other people? I know that when this is compared to those of my husband, the number tends to rise. I mean he ends up with a more triangle-shaped wedge in the gusset part and mine seems more like a faint whisper of one. Anyway,  I knit on the sock pretty steadily through the afternoon and evening, dodging the cats attempts of reclaiming them as his own personal pillow. This cat has to have a sixth sense or something, every time I am about to work on something/in the middle of working on something he has to come up and plant his kitty-butt on it and just look at me like I am nuts. Luckily before bed I had managed to achieve this.

20130723_185944I checked my remaining yardage after these were completed; while there are times when I curse having such tiny feet (shoe shopping anyone?) but as I looked at the number (259 yds remaining from a 440 yd skein) and remembered there are moments like this and all I can think is, Booyah!


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  1. You should use the kitty fuzz to create another pair : )
    I have an extremelly hairy cat who over the last 18 years and going strong, must have shed at least a dozen cat’s worth of hair. It’s a real shame I didn’t keep any of it to make something.
    I know that I now sound like a mad knitting cat woman.

  2. I am so jealous of people with tiny feet. Comparatively, my feet are enormous and GOBBLE sock yarns.

  3. Congratulations on the new socks! 🙂 I have a bit of a triangle in mine, but I can tell you that I usually have a tiny problem with the sock flopping at the heel or at the gusset … Which was a bit better when I knit them toe-up. 😀

  4. Isn’t knitting with thumbless overlords entertaining? Mine are even more attracted to spinning than knitting for extra entertainment.

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