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Burning a hole in my pocket

August 2, 2013

The clapotis (ha, my auto-correct wanted to the change that to claptrap, I can help but chuckle. It seems it does not take much to amuse me) looks pretty much the same as yesterday. I did manage two more repeats, but that doesn’t make a big enough difference at this point to feel the need to photograph it (aka I may be a wee bit lazy.) In other news I started looking for some patterns for the skein of malabrigo I have in my possession, I swear I am like a kid with some change that is “burning a hole in their pocket.” It’s like I just cannot stop the browsing, I go to check something online and before I know it I am sitting in the patterns section of Ravelry, waist deep into a search and a vague recollection of how I got there. It must be the wool fumes. So far I am leaning more towards a cowl, because it is oh-so-soft, but I think that might be because I can’t find a shawl that I really like. Suggestions?

Speaking of the malabrigo, I still haven’t managed to wind any of the skeins destined for socks. You may ask why I am starting so early (or maybe not, but for this exercise let’s pretend you did, m’kay?) My reasons are simple and are as follows:

1. Socks can be deceptive in length of time needed (especially when I know they aren’t due for a long while)

2. Being ahead of holiday knitting never hurt anyone

3. If I start now then I can enjoy the knitting, and with the malabrigo I want to enjoy it.

and the final reason which is the biggest motivator…

4. Last year my in-laws drew the short end of the stick when it came to knitting and ended up not having much to open on Christmas morning from us (aka nothing, because I was so sure I could finish in time….yes I realize the futility now) so in an effort to prevent that from happening they have been bumped to the front of the line.

We ended up getting rid of cable the other day. We will still have netflix and possibly Hulu+ so we won’t be completely media deprived. While I am a bit bummed at the thought of having to wait longer to watch some of my favorite shows, the amount of money we save each month is enough of a motivation. So far things have been fine in terms of watching, but who knows maybe I will spiral into despair, which should at least be entertaining. To be fair I have lived without cable before, it’s just been awhile. So for those of you who are living sans cable/satellite, got any tips for the newly rejoined?

Have a happy Friday and a good weekend everyone.

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  1. We’re cable-free and I don’t really miss it, except a bit during hockey season. Netflix is awesome, and between our Wii and our HDMI cable hooked up to the laptop, we can watch most anything the internet has to offer.

  2. sparkeespud permalink

    We’ve been cable free for a year now. Loving it! I do buy things like season passes of Doctor Who on iTunes because really I can’t live without The Doctor.

  3. We have been without cable for a couole years. We have the playstation hooked up to watch netflix, hulu, and amazon prime. I sometimes miss the food network and martha stewart shows but oh well. I have recently discovered video podcasts so now I have plenty of things to watch!

  4. I love Netflix. If I have to wait for a show, its no problem for me. However, if it is Doctor Who on, I travel to my Grams house, only a few miles away. I totally know what you mean with the pattern searches… happens to me all the time!!!!!

  5. I’ve been without a TV for over a year, but I’ve got an internet connection so I honestly don’t miss it.

  6. How about The Hitchiker Shawl for your Malabrigo…. Seen a lot of them on Instagram, super cute!! Sorry about your cable…media is so expensive nowadays!! Knitting and reading are great ways to pass the time!!

  7. Amanda Gerodias permalink

    We got a dish when we moved in, but now I have been trying to convince the hubby to get rid of it to save money. So far he has not been very keen on that idea, but perhaps one day we will. We already have Netflix as well, and I suggested we would be able to add Hulu if we did cut the dish, but so far he has not been swayed.

  8. thecreativecortex permalink

    No cable TV = more knitting and reading time! Or stock up on bargain DVD box sets. I hardly ever watch TV, I’ve got just the basics and nothing like Netflix, so when I need some TV I just put on a DVD 🙂

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