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Fall TV: Graveyard Shift, aka Friday Nights

September 6, 2013

Looking for the latest info on upcoming shows for the fall? Check out this blog (and earlier entries this week) to read a witty and fun take on the new stuff in t.v. land!

Indoor Cat's Guide to Geekery

Commonly referred to as the death night, it’s uncommon to premiere a NEW show in a Friday night timeslot right out of the gate. It’s more common to wait until it fails, then shift it over quietly. Of course, tv execs like to pretend it’s not the night TV goes to die, but the instances of a show being as successful on a Friday night as it was on another night are rare.

However, it’s a little easier to do when the show is meant to be fluffier than a lemon meringue pie, so it’s not surprising/risky for FOX to be premiereing Masterchef Junior on Fridays at 8/7c. The fluffiest of fluff, it’s Masterchef for kids (which seems to be a trend now, since Food Network just started airing Rachel vs Guy: Kid Cook Off or something like that. No idea when it airs. I can’t stand Rachel Ray. Or…

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