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I’m still here….sort of

September 10, 2013

Did you know there are only 24 hours in a day? Yeah, news to me too. I have been struggling a bit lately just trying to handle the difficulty of adjusting back into “school mode.” Does anyone else who has gone back to school after an absence, (however long) find that it requires an almost complete shift in how your day goes? There seems to be a divide in how you understand and coordinate your day. In school mode your life revolves around classes, which occur at different times and can vary day-to-day, whereas with working you are on a more set schedule. In other words, your day and the time frame you work is almost always standard (I am talking at this point about full-time work, I am well aware of the varying schedules that can occur with part-time or shift work.)

All of this is a long way of saying, I am still adjusting. My life feels divided between school world, where everyone operates on a slightly varied schedule and home world, where everything is set to a standard rhythm. However, that home world and it’s schedule have been thrown through a loop. I sometimes feel like I don’t know if I am coming or going. Right now I am still working out the kinks of finding the right balance and blending my two worlds.

My first time around through school was very different; everyone I knew was on a similar schedule, the late nights or mounds of homework were on par with that of my cohorts. Life as a whole moved at that pace. This time around I find myself at odds with most of the “real world.” The late nights are more difficult to pull off, making time for homework is a bit more difficult now that I have to balance “grown-up” responsibilities. I am trying to find a way to balance the difference in my husband and I’s schedule. He is on a standard 8-4 kind of day, where when he comes home, he’s home and that’s it. Me? I am left trying to juggle the fact that I want to spend time with him with the fact that I have readings to do. It’s been a challenge trying to fit it all in.

Okay so this has basically been a whine fest, apologizes for that. I know that many people are doing a lot more, with a lot less and I don’t have much to complain about. I really did just want to post an update and say that I am still here, and I am hoping to get back to a more regular schedule of posting soon. I just have to find that balance, or a way to gain more hours in the day. Ya know whichever is easier.

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  1. Yup. I spend the first few weeks of every school year flat-out exhausted. Doesn’t matter how long I’ve been teaching the same stuff; it’s always a huge adjustment.

  2. perniciouspurls permalink

    I get you. I am going back to school next year and I am so nervous because I know the adjustment is going to be huge! Full time work to full time student again! Eeek!

  3. sparkeespud permalink

    I feel ya. My husband has recently returned to school and I’m taking an 8 week course. I feel we are always doing different things and going in different directions. It’s been real tough lately to adjust things so that in all of the shuffle, the house is still getting clean and I’m not walking around in dirty socks.

  4. You’re still getting used to it, though. You’ve only been back in the swing of things for a few weeks; soon you’ll be so used to it you won’t remember a time you weren’t!

  5. shellssells permalink

    Transitions suck. My advice, should you choose to accept it, is to keep on as regular a schedule as you can. Any free time during that 8-4 time just fill up with studying as much as possible in order to maintain as much of the normalcy as you can. Not that easy I know!

  6. doctordana permalink

    Any big transition takes some adjustment. You’ll get in the swing of things soon! I remember when I started working full-time, wishing for the school-time flexibility that I completely took for granted. Oh, for the ability to grocery shop on a weekday morning…

  7. Yep, adjustments just as hard as the studies themselves . Single moms need 72 hour days even without school.

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