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Terribly Simple Hand Spun Shawl

September 24, 2013

Just a quick update between classes. I managed to utilize some of my hand spun (about time) for a (relatively) quick and dirty project.




Using this pattern, I am have been working on a “Terribly Simple” shawl of my own. Although due to yardage and needle size it will end up being closer to a scarf kind of deal. All in all great mindless knitting and a wonderful way to use up some well deserving hand spun.



From → Knitting

  1. A lot of handspun actually suits simple patterns very well. Otherwise it can get too much with structure AND colour, AND fancy stitches etc.

  2. I have yet to actually knit anything with handspun. I’m just sortof hoarding it at the moment.

    • I have only recently been able to use some of it. Kind of had to bite the bullet, but I have been spinning for over a year so…go figure.

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