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Adventures with Horace: Pumpkin Patch

September 30, 2013

This past weekend, Horace the sheep along with friends and family went to a pumpkin patch. Now, no pumpkins were picked at this particular trip, but there were plenty of other sights for an adventurous sheep.

collageHorace’s adventure can be seen here in this handy-dandy collage.

Upper Left panel: Horace met some goats, this one in particular seemed keen on getting to know Horace better, or eat him.

Upper Right panel: Horace got to see his good old friend George the llama again

Middle Left panel: Photobombing the pig races

Middle Right panel: Horace got to be a goat for a little while. He says he prefers being a sheep

Lower Left panel: Pausing to grab a snack

Lower Right panel: Hopping over (ha) to see the bunnies (this is always his favorite)


A good time was had by all involved. Horace figured out one more thing about his adventure.

20130927_193319If for some reason blogging mascot doesn’t work out for him, he seems to be able to make a pretty spooky ghost.

Happy Monday everyone!



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