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Holiday Socks Part 2

October 4, 2013

Here we are already October (now if only the weather would figure that out.)  I am in the midst of preparing for a presentation for one of my classes, well that should probably I should be in the midst of preparing for a presentation. I have taken a wee break in order to share with you the lovely knitting progress I have made.

After the success of finishing the holiday socks part one, last week I decided to bite the bullet and keep going on the list. The next set are intended as gifts, this time for my mother in law. Good news on the holiday gift giving front all around. The husband and I visited his parents last weekend and he (the husband) just so happened to be wearing his pair of Malabrigo socks. Both parents made comments on envy towards the socks, which points to a positive sign for the gifts, (yay!)

To be fair hand knit socks are one of those few items that I think would be pretty much appreciated, of course it may only be after the recipient has taken the time to put them on, but still.

Anyway here is the first look at Holiday Socks Part 2

20131004_105249The astute among you may notice these are also blue (apparently there was a bit of a color theme when the yarn was picked out.) I used my standard vanilla sock pattern (again) casting on 64 sts instead of the giant sized 72, or the tiny 56-60 (for me.) So far these have been a bit more challenging than the first pair (insofar as I can’t seem to count to 30 very well.) While most of the progress has been made between classes, they did go on hiatus from the backpack for about a day (because of the aforementioned inability to count.) I plan on continuing on the foot this weekend, which equates to the most excitement I plan on having (hooray for homework?)

So how’s your knitting going?



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  1. Sara Crafts permalink

    Good luck with your Christmas knitting! I’ve decided to forgo it this year. Most years, I knit or crochet a few dozen ornaments, but I’m not feeling very ambitious. 🙂

    I did, however, cast on for a quickie project since I’m still (surprisingly and thankfully) pregnant. I start to feel stressed or antsy if I don’t have a project on the needles at all times. lol

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