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Winging It

October 9, 2013

I managed not to throw up or swear during the presentation yesterday, so I am going to chalk it up to a resounding win. The truth is the presentation probably went fine, but I remember very little of it, which is for the best I suppose.

The lack of knitting definitely got me thinking, mainly why I wasn’t packing any knitting in the bag to begin with (reality it was because I took out the holiday socks part 2 to work on the night before, and in the mad dash that is my morning I forgot to grab them.) I was also suddenly aware that it was October 8th (shocking considering my presentation date had been firmly etched in my mind.) I don’t know if it was the distraction of having the presentation, or just being busy with school, but I realized yesterday that I have about four days to get a gift made for my dad’s birthday.

I am in luck, because thanks to my planner personality I had already figured out what I was going to make him. My dad is a fisherman and this includes ice fishing. When I was little I can remember him taking my brother and I out on the lack and bundling us up so we could play (safely) around in the snow and ice. One think I distinctly remember is that my dad would dress in layers, and as part of his layering he would use old socks (that were clean of course) and cut holes in them to create a finger less mitten of sorts. We shall not dwell on the fact that I got in trouble for doing something similar a few days after one of our fishing trips, although my socks were probably brand new, and I was probably too young to be messing with scissors.

Anyway that is a long way of saying I have a plan to make him a pair of nice pair of fingerless mitts made out of wooly goodness. Another great thing is that I even remembered to buy the wool for it awhile ago. We shall ignore the fact that I also found a skein of sock yarn I had forgotten about (it’s best not to think about it.) Of course, because I am me, there was/is one down side to all of this, because for all of my planning, for all the careful lead up, I somehow never managed to find a pattern. Which is fine until I started to browse Ravelry last night and realized that there was absolutely nothing that fit with this idea I had in my head for the perfect mitts. I am not (too) ashamed to admit that I spent the better part of an hour trying to find a pattern close enough that I could use (no luck.)

Of course this was after all the careful planning in the beginning, this was after I had convinced myself that it would be no problem to knock out a pair for him. After I had deluded myself into thinking that I was okay, plan in hand and ready to coast down easy street. Faced with the reality that I was in fact kind of screwed, what did I do?


I decided to throw caution to the wind and wing it.

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  1. slippedstitches permalink

    Fearless knitting. It’s what it’s all about. Make them the way you envision them.You’ll be happier than if you had settled.

  2. doctordana permalink

    I think you should do great; you are a pro at socks and you already made a pair of fingerless mitts when you were a kid. 😉 Sometimes the proudest moments I’ve had when knitting is figuring out how to make exactly what I want instead of what I have a pattern for. It’s exciting, and makes me feel like I’m on the final frontier of knitting: exploring strange new patterns, seeking out new shapes, boldly knitting what no one has knit before…

  3. Great story! It’s good to have positive memories like that as a kid. I think it’s great idea to make him some socks, I’m almost positive that he’ll enjoy them indeed. Good luck in your writing and your knitting.

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