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Introverted Knitter-1, Mitts- 1

October 11, 2013

So I managed to knock almost all of the first fingerless mitt, leaving only the thumb, because frankly I hate the thumbs. I always end up with that tiny little gap and while I have spent countless time searching for a solution the best advice I seem to find is to use the tail to sew up gap, which frankly leaves me just as annoyed as before I searched. Well that’s a lie, I think I end up being more annoyed because I had just spent time dealing with it, but I digress.

20131010_172349The first mitt is seen here, having been bent to my will nearly complete, as mentioned above it has been completed since this photo. By the way the book shown above is pretty fabulous, if you were looking for a gift for a knitter, rest assured this would be handy little one to get.  (Book is The Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques by Nancie Wiseman for those inclined to ask.)

I have cast on for the second mitt and hope to finish before the evening is out…we shall see, it may come down to this or homework, guess which one I am inclined to do?


Happy Weekend everyone!


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  1. You can do it, You will do it : )

  2. doctordana permalink

    The Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques changed my knitting world! It rocks!

  3. slippedstitches permalink

    I have The Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques and it’s a great one to have in my knitting library. I hate the thumbs too. But I have no advice to give other than using the tail to close the hole.

  4. of course I lent my Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Knitter’s almanac out and so can’t tell you what she said to do about the hole, but she did have a way to avoid it – so if you can find a copy, read her mitten chapter, and if you can’t, wait patiently until iget my copy back,and I will check it out for you. I noticed it because I , too, always get a hole and hate it. When I make my mitts, I make them thumbless – just do a slit in the fabric instead of actually knitting a thumb. It seems to work out OK….

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