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October 15, 2013

Brr. Fall has decided to skip the warmer parts in favor of giving us the middle/tail end portion the past two days. It really isn’t too bad, just a sharp contrast to the warmer than expected weather of last week. I am definitely loving it (and not just because I am a knitter.) Speaking of knitting, victory was achieved on the fingerless mitts they were finished with enough time to wrap them (the husband did that as per our agreement, I knit, he wraps.) Of course in my haste excitement over finishing I completely forgot to get a photo (strike one for me.) My dad actually ended up being out-of-town this past weekend (slightly defeating the purpose of rushing to finish,) but I can put that aside and focus on the fact that I finished.

The knitting continues as I struggle to make my way through mid terms. I seem to be alternating between, “holy cow, we are at the halfway point already?” And “holy cow we are only at the half way point ?!” School is…going. It definitely isn’t what I expected (although I don’t know what that is exactly) and while it hasn’t been terrible, it hasn’t been great either. I find myself wondering if it is really worth it at this point? I know that theoretically this leads to better paying job/chance to explore a new avenue of knowledge (did I mention I switched majors? I am now in a hybrid program of molecular biology and computer science (aka Bioinformatics) fun times.) It is just that I am struggling with the whole being in school thing. I see friends and family having careers and working on building their lives and here I am perpetually stuck in my early twenties (figuratively speaking of course.) I feel like I haven’t really moved forward, and won’t get to do so for another 2-4 years (which isn’t that long in the grand scheme of things, but definitely feels that way when you are living in an apartment with elephants walking around upstairs.) I am sure a large part of this has to do with the whole mid terms thing, but it still doesn’t make the questioning/doubt go away. If I weren’t in school I am not sure what I would do at this point (beyond look for a job, which went oh so well this past 1.5 years /end sarcasm.) I guess I just needed to have a little vent, and you all are lucky enough to be that sounding board, so for today this is where I end. Thanks for reading this today. I promise a return to the knitting content soon(ish.)



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  1. slippedstitches permalink

    You are working on building your life by getting the qualifications you need have flexibility in an ever changing job market. The most important part of any building is a good foundation. You are working on that. Good luck with the mid-terms.

  2. Don’t worry about you taking your time. I still think you are very brave going to university again and getting another major! Others would sit around at home and be sorry for themselves. My best friend was already working on her dissertation when she finally realised that this just wasn’t.for.her. There had been a lot of reasons why she hat kept studying (something with economics, I don’t know the English translation, sorry!), but she, too, was brave enough to start all over again! Now she studies Humanities (two subjects), has just finished her B.A. and is heading for her Master’s degree … And much, much happier now. 😀

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