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October 30, 2013

It’s official the Introverted Knitter has joined Twitter. Theoretically the link should be showing on the side bar of the blog. I am still new to the whole thing so please forgive the lack of tweets.  I signed up in part because I saw some other bloggers posting about the awesomeness of Twitter, and well having been Facebook Free for over a month and a half now, I thought it might be time to try other social media.  Any tips, suggestions, or people you think I should follow (including yourself) let me know.

In other news I bit the bullet and flat-out asked my brother what he and his wife would like for the baby. Imagine my surprise when I found out that (and I quote), “hand knit items would be awesome.” So there you have it the green light to knit for the wee one (let’s be honest I was probably going to anyway, there is only so much a knitter can do when faced with a little one and the multitude of tiny knits at their Ravelry-fingertips.  (Ha, rhyming unintended) I haven’t managed to work up the nerve to ask about the other hand knit items, but I am choosing just to be happy about the coming knitting for the wee one.

Lastly on this slightly random post, the time has come to consider my options for next semester. As of now I am a bioinformatics major (fancy way of saying molecular biology meets computer science in the way of lab work.) The subject is interesting and I am doing well in all of my classes, but (and here comes a sticking point) it is looking like it is going to take me at least four years (3.5 at this point) to get a degree.(Dependent on how quickly I can pick up math courses) Now I know people out there will say, “in the grand scheme of things 4 years isn’t that long.” I am inclined to agree, except for the fact that I have done the whole undergrad thing, I have put in my time (and don’t have much to show for it in terms of job prospects) and frankly I find myself feeling more than a little burnt out with school (this hasn’t happened before, at the very least not this early.) Add to this the fact that I am uncertain of the job prospects (conflicting reports) and while I want to be optimistic, I am more than a little gun-shy after the great Religious Studies debacle. There are a few more factors in play right now, but for the most part this is what I have been wrestling over.


I think that is it for now, have to go make lunch and get ready for class. Until next time dear readers.

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