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FFN: Friday edition

December 20, 2013

Well here we are, it’s Friday and I am done with finals! Let me write that again, I am done with finals! Yeah it is still satisfying either way. It is the first day of Holiday break and I am already one step closer to cleaning up my wealth of WIPs floating around. Did I mention that I am (somewhat) trying to cleaning  up my WIP queue this break, no? Well now you know.  So this means (hopefully) there should be quite a few projects to share in the next few weeks (remember I said hopefully.)

There is no grand motivation behind this (nothing like “start fresh in 2014,” but I suppose that could be a thing for people.) Just the fact that I have some free time and a ton of WIPs in various stages of completion (there may or may not be some motivation to not feel as bad about watching countless hours of movies and shows over break, but that would only be a small part.)

Anyway, here is what you really came here for: I present the first of (hopefully many) the finished up projects for break. Aka the Super hero socks.

20131219_140655They are so named because for some reason the stripe (which is not showing up very well here) of blue and black (look near the toe on the upper one) makes me think of a super hero.


Knit on 2.25 mm (US 1)

Pattern: My regular giant-sized vanilla sock recipe (with an eye of partridge heel)

Yarn: Jo-Ann’s Sensation Truly Pattern in Turq Pattern (the yarn was okay to knit with, though there were little flecks of coarse hairs that would sometimes come out, but I got the yarn on sale and the giant likes the pattern (win win).)

How’s your knitting going?


  1. Those are Frozone colors! I am so behind on my christmas knitting, but I’m ignoring it right now 😛

  2. And very lovely the socks are too. Congratulations on finishing finals!!!

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