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FFN: Christmas Edition

December 26, 2013

I managed to squeak out the socks that hold the record for staying on my needles the longest.


They were originally intended for the giant last  Christmas and as such were cast on back in October 2012. Well I managed to knit the first one but I made that avoidable mistake of not casting on for the mate right away. Lo and behold two months later I was in full on Christmas knitting panic and it was sacrificed in favor of something else. The pattern was a bit fiddly and since I dislike that first round they got shoved back into the WIP pile and truth be told a little bit forgotten.

Well as I mentioned last post, my goal is an attempt at cleaning up the WIP pile and so once again, with the lead up to Christmas looming I took on the second sock. Not surprising it worked up quickly and by the time Christmas Eve hit I had another pair off the needles.



Yarn: Lion Brand sock ease prints, in rock candy

Needles: 1.25 mm

Pattern: Simple SKYP Socks

They really aren’t that fiddly, but for I felt that way back in 2012 and so I ended up modifying them a bit by only doing the leg in the pattern. I think they turned out well and they were well received. So scratch one more thing off the WIP list.



  1. Missy's Crafty Mess permalink

    Great socks. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas

  2. I love your first line! I have many contenders for what’s stayed on my needles the longest. Sigh. Too bad I enjoy the planning – choosing the pattern and the yarn – a lot more than actually finishing the project. Last year my resolution was to not start a new project until I finished the last one….thus said, only one project was in the works this year. Maybe next year I will have your goal to finish my WIPs!

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