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New Year’s Eve a Look Back.

December 31, 2013

This time last year I wrote a post about my goals and desires (aka Resolutions) for 2013. I thought it would be fitting to revisit them and see how well I managed to follow through. So without further ado an update on the IntrovertedKnitter’s list from 2013.


1) follow in the foot steps of the yarn harlot and make my own sock of the month club -the patterns and yarn are picked just waiting for Jan. 1 to cast on the first one (Result: Not so good, I don’t think I managed to complete one pair in a month and I abandoned this project pretty soon after the Jan.)

2)Work on my book, with hopes of getting it out to the first round of beta readers in March (Result: yet again, no way. I did hand out a few chapters to this, but with school starting and attempting to settle back into that life, the book has been collecting figurative dust on my hard drive (which coincidentally is collecting actual dust)

3) work on a long-range planning box ( also inspired by the yarn harlot)- perhaps as an attempt to avoid the end of the year/holiday gift giving panic (Result: Somewhat successful. I ended up knitting a few things way ahead of time and stowing them away. I loved being able to pull something out if needed (last-minute) and not be frantically knitting (although that happened too.) I would consider doing this again with no real qualms, just try to be a bit better about it)

4)Become more confident in my skills as a writer (Result: Somewhat happened. It took a writing class and the professor stating on numerous occasions that I was a great writer to actually feel like it could be true. So I am going to take it as a win.)

5) knit from my own hand spun (Result: Success! I managed to knit a mitten and hat set for myself (bonus points for selfish knitting) and I have a scarf/shawl in the WIP pile (read car knitting) so all in all I am quite pleased with it.)

6) finish knitted item for a wedding in the summer- the deadline looms closer everyday (Result: Success! I managed to knock this one out with a few extra weeks to spare. I think it turned out wonderful and despite my moaning and groaning it wasn’t that bad to knit)

7) teach someone else how to knit (Result: Eh. I don’t think I can count this one since I never managed to actually teach someone. I was able to direct a few people to resources and provide tips for the process, but I don’t think I can count it.)

8) make items to donate (Result: Success. I made a few items to donate to a benefit for a wee one from my hometown. While I was not exactly pleased with how they ended up using the items, I still would do it again, but probably prepare myself a bit better for letting it go.)

9) start attending a knitting group- I have attended one in the last year, the group was awesome but then life got in the way and I missed a few weeks, then a month and now it feels like it would be too awkward to go :( (Result: Success, I actually have managed to attend a knitting group, and it is pretty fabulous to be around like minded people for a few hours a month.)

10) Try not to feel guilty about pursuing my dream job (Result: Failure. I ended up going back to school in large part because of the guilt (and desire to have a steady paycheck. In the end though I fell in love with a new field and am going into it full steam. So while the dream of a writer didn’t work out, it did bring to light a new dream job.)

11) Share more of my writing on the blog (Result: Not great. I have shared a few more pieces, but they were written specifically for the blog, not sure if that counts. I am considering adding a few of the pieces I wrote for class, in the new year, but we will have to wait and see. (Yay little confidence.) )

12) spin more (Result: Tour De Fleece anyone? Yeah buddy, this one definitely got knocked out of the park. I was in danger of actually running out of things to spin, but thanks to a few cyber Monday purchases and some Christmas money, I don’t think it will be a big problem for long. The other added benefit, I got to know my wheel better. While I do think I still want a double treadle, I will have a harder time giving Beatrice up as a money source.–Anyone want to give me a double treadle castle style for my eternal gratefulness and hand knit socks for a few years? yeah didn’t think so. 🙂 )

13) weave place mats (Result: Ha ha, no.)

14) weave with my own hand spun (Result: see above)

15) learn to dye my own fiber (Result: Success, kool aid dyeing for the win!)

16) go to a sheep and wool festival- it’s on my schedule for this summer, fingers crossed I don’t get sick (Result: Success, and oh the fibery goodness, definite stash enhancement going on.)

17) submit an article to a knitting publication (Result: Nope, nope nope.)

18) finish the blanket for my bestie (Result: *hangs head in shame* nothing)

19) knit more from my ravelry queue (Result: I updated my ravelry queue, does that count? No but seriously I did manage to knit a few things from there, so I will count it as a win.)

20) Make more lace shawls (Result: not even close)

21) make more vanilla socks for both my husband and myself (Result: Success, as evidence from the FO parade from the past few days)

22) finally make a pair of mittens and a hat for myself, that I keep- Almost already done with the mittens (Result: Success)

23) try to figure out a way to keep sheep in the apartment ( totally kidding on that one ) (Result: success, jk well I mean we do have your favorite mascot and mine, Horace so I could count it as a win.)

Well there you have it a run down of last years goals/wishes/resolutions. 10 that were not met and 13 that were, not too shabby if I do say so myself. As I settle in with my husband tonight and we await the turning over of the year I will be considering new wishlist/goals/resolutions so be on the look out for those. 

I wish you all a safe and happy New Year’s Eve, may your new year be one of good news and glad hearts. Thank you for sticking with me this past year and I will see you in 2014.


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