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FFN: Wee One Edition

January 7, 2014

As some of you may remember, I mentioned that I was going to be an Aunt again this coming spring. The decision to knit for the upcoming arrival was one I discussed briefly on the blog and one I discussed intently with the Giant. My brother and his wife (the one I knit the blanket of infinite garter stitch for last year ) are the ones who are having the baby this spring. Now I love my brother and obviously as a knitter the desire to smother, shower my loved ones in hand knits is a strong force to be reckoned with, but I was understandably gun-shy at the idea of another project that may or may not be well received. In the end I just flat-out asked him what he and his wife would prefer in terms of baby gifts (registry/specific item, or something hand knit.) The response was matter of fact in that they would like hand knit items for the wee one. Color me a bit surprised but obviously excited.

I set to work right away on trying to figure out not only gift ideas but gender neutral gift ideas. They wouldn’t be finding out until later the gender and frankly I tend to be in favor of foregoing the traditional gender specific colors. I decided to continue the insanity trend of garter stitch and start with a blanket. Now the blanket in question was one I have seen quite a few times and have toyed with knitting for some tiny human (that I know) for a while, but for some reason this time it clicked instantly and I was so smitten that I browsed the projects of others until I found a color scheme that I felt was perfect.

Having secured the pattern and the colors, the only thing left to do was to wait until Cyber Monday hit on Knit Picks and I was going to snatch up those colors and be off like a rocket. Well that was the plan of course. Through my special “talents” I somehow ended up ordering colors that weren’t exactly spot on with the original color scheme, in fact I ended up with quite a few different ones. Not to be deterred I ended up working with the Giant (read me bugging the crap out of him until he said yes to a color arrangement and then bugging him again because I changed two colors around) to secure a color order I would be happy with.

For reference these were the colors I was working with:

20131204_134827I started this project during finals week, but opted to leave it home when we went to visit my in-laws for the week of Christmas. By the time we came back I was in the midst of the plague cold and didn’t feel up to much in terms of knitting (cue the music) except it would seem garter stitch. So the blanket and I got to spend some serious time together and by last night I managed to turn the above picture into this:

20140106_163223After a little bath and then some laying out (while I guarded it from the cats; who either wanted to lay on it like it was made of catnip, or who have an inexplicable desire to rip the t-pins out of anything faster than a celebrity divorce.) The thing was mostly dry by the time the Giant and I went to bed and so this morning I got up and popped it into the dryer (on low) just for a little fluff factor (side note it is a super-wash merino so I am not too crazy) and I ended up with this:

20140107_134239Fluffy, soft, squishy, adorableness.

Pattern: Super Easy Baby Blanket by Purl Soho (non Ravelry Link)
Yarn: Knit Picks Swish DK in the colors: Marine Heather, Cornmeal, Marble Heather, Doe, Orange, Wonderland Heather, Camel
Needle Size: US 7

I ended up casting on 120 stitches, slipping the first stitch of each row to make a nice edge and knitting with each color until the ball ran out ( fun story I, for some reason, ended up picking up two of each color so now I have another ball of each floating around the stash, points for making sure I had enough?) The blanket is a little skinny (in the bottom two photos it is folded in half) so if I were to do it again I might try it with 130 or 140 stitches. The blanket knit up fine, the pattern is very straight forward and a great project for movie/tv knitting.


Seriously it is crazy soft and I just love it. While knitting I did find myself wondering if people were going to see it and automatically assume it was for a boy (remember at this point I don’t know the gender of the wee one) after a few seconds of contemplation I ended up saying nah, it’s too adorable and soft and squishy to really care about something as silly as that.

Of course as luck would have it as I was taking the photos for the blog I get a text alerting me to the fact that my newest foray into Aunt hood will be to another little niece, and so that doubt has come creeping back. So dearest readers, what do you think, did I err on the side of too masculine (does it even matter)? Help reassure me that the wee one won’t care about the colors, other than they are bright and colorful and instead will just be in love with the fact that it is oh so soft and it is from an Aunty who loves her.

One thing I am assured on, I need to find another baby gift to knit soon! (suggestions welcomed!)





  1. shellssells permalink

    It is fine for a girl. And perfectly lovely. I really wouldn’t have thought of just doing a very simple colored garter stitch blanket but it is The Best!

  2. I think those are beautiful colors for any child. It’s a shape that children end up stuck with the “pink is girls”, “blue is boys” thing. Personally, I’m a girl and my favorite color is blue! Take that stereotypes!

    But besides all that, the blanket is lovely and I think any parent would love something like that for their child (regardless of gender). And besides, you’re little niece isn’t going to know the difference anyways! Newborns don’t know they’re supposed to like one color over another, as long as it’s warm and soft, they’ll be happy.

  3. Just. Perfect. I too turn my nose up at the traditional gender specific colors. Frankly, the ‘baby blue’ and ‘baby pink’ look silly any time but spring. Yours will be great the year ’round and I know that Swish is super soft. (Having a bit of a love affair with garter stitch myself at present 😉

  4. sparkeespud permalink

    I love these colors! Very modern choice and I think fitting for either a little girl or boy.

  5. The blanket is gorgeous. And I’m with you, the “pink for girls, blue for boys” thing was manufactured by Victorian retailers who wanted to push more baby goods. I say pick lovely colors and something that feels nice. Babies love all colors and let’s face it, the world does not need any more Pepto Bismol pink than it already has anyway. Great job on the blanket. I don’t even have any babies pending but I may make one anyway just because it’s adorable.

  6. Awesome!! I just posted about this blanket the other day, it’s super easy and sooooo adorable!! I loooove the colors you chose….that baby(and Mom and Dad too) will love it!!

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